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Monday, September 3, 2007

September 2007

Sep. 22, 2007 - Lost Entries.....
Okay, I am going to have to make this quick. I lost two entries this past week and one was mighty long! I was not happy about that as it was one that meant a lot to me and was from the heart. Brittany opened me a new blog on blogger but I haven't fooled with it much. I will be scarce for a little while as we might be having someone to come and appraise our house soon. Well, there is a reason why we want to add on and the idea of someone observing every room in our house right now isn't very comforting. Turns out a type of loan that we were wanting won't work so this has to be done to see if we can get a second mortgage. Well, this house has to appraise highly.....I am asking you guys to pray, pray, pray! Pray I can get this house somewhat orderly. Pray that we can do some touch up work to make the house seem worthy of a higher appraisal. And pray that this home does have that high appraisal. Pray we can get that loan and our addition. Being this close to it happening makes me quite VERY anxious.
Okay, I did the last of our grocery shopping and am done for the month . I did not meet my goal of $375. I came in at $394.90. I actually had less than $75 for the next two weeks!!!!!!!!! I was fortunate to have a lot of meat in the freezer. I have my menus made up and am going to come up with a schedule of what needs to be made or started and when. Such as....if we need beans for a meal then start them the day before, etc. I hope to add menus here soon...maybe later today. Oh, I am also hoping to have a budget of only $350 for next month! We'll see.
Have a great weekend in the LORD.
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Sep. 18, 2007 - Tuesday Morning
We have had a very busy week here in the Watson home. With the usual school, chores, church and more we haven't had much time for blogging. I did want to come on and journal the latest happenings on our hope to be home addition. We got a bid from the second builder yesterday and it is phenominally low. Let's just say that we could build the WHOLE thing with this price that the first builder said it would take for them to do just the outside shell! Could this be the Lord's hand in all this? We can only wait and see. James is waiting on an old high school friend to call and let us know if he could draw us up a set of simple blue prints. That's one thing that the mortgage company needs. Turns out if this fellow can't do it that the loan officer said he might can help. He used to do that for a living! Ah! Still at this point, so many things could get in the way of this not happening. I was estatic yesterday and felt like crying and shouting but am staying reserved and quietly whispering thanks to the King. If this doesn't happen we will lean on Him and be thankful for what we already have and sing praises to Him. If it does happen we will lean on Him and be thankful for what we already have and will have and sing praises to Him. No, we shouldn't change due to circumstances.

Okay, so today is "piano" day. Dalton's teacher should be here at 10:45. Then we have school and chores. We are also doing some prep work outside for the pending addition....just in case. We are shoveling and hauling dirt toward the garden to make way for what could be. I will have a bunch of laundry again. I am trying to use the clothes line a lot to save on the electric bill. We are thinking of switching our stove and water heater over to gas. I think I'd like a gas stove once I got used to it. James says they are more energy efficient. I hope so.
Tonight I hope to fix some Hawaiin Chicken. That's always yummy and it's been a while since having it. We have been doing well with the food budget and still hope to hit our goal of $375 for the month. Well, really that'll depend on if we count an occasion of eating out on the food bill or in the recreation department. The children are dying to go to Chuck E. Cheese's too. Ugh! I think they're trying to kill me. LOL Anyway, I made a yummy Cabbage casserole a few nights back and it was a hit. I'll have to post it soon.
I'll keep you posted and any new news so please keep the prayers to the Lord going. He hear's His children's calls. I want to thank you so much for any prayers you've given. It's better than ALL the money in the world.
Once again I am not going to edit this post. I really must get going with the rest of the day. Time moves swiftly. Life is just a vapor. It's amazing to think that one day it's possible for us not to even been known to exist in history on earth. --So good to know we can continue history in heaven.
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Sep. 14, 2007 - Just a Thought
Why are we trading products from China anyway????
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Sep. 10, 2007 - Monday in Our Home
Well, the household is coming to a peaceful yet active humm this morning as the children eat their cereal and we get ready for the day ahead. We have much schooling and choring to get done today. We were gone all day yesterday, for the second Sunday in a row. With having church both morning and evening, picnic at the park and a visit with James' aunt in between, we were very busy!
In the SS class that I teach we had our lesson on Abraham and Sarah having baby Isaac. I was emphasizing how the Lord can do ANYTHING as He was the one to create everything. We had opportunity to talk of things in the classroom and how each item would not be there without God's creation first. And that WE would not be here without His creation. We had fun talking of old Sarah having a baby and how it was possible through our Lord. These children are great to work with and it's a privilege to be able to teach them....although I learn just as much.
After our morning worship service we went and picnicked at a local park that had just opened up. It was a wonderfully breezy day and we were right on a pond in a picnic shelter that was complete with ceiling fans. There was a swing and bench right nearby to lazy around on and the scenery was quite pleasant! We observed others fishing and saw a young lad catch a big bass. He and the group he was with were so excited. James and I wondered if it was his first fish. Yes, memories in the making.....What a great time we had and are excited to go back again for another picnic....and maybe even some fishing!

This is the bridge that led to an old mill on the pond.

This is part of an old mill that burned a few years back. It was a very sad thing to happen! A part of history was lost.

Our Bethany was having an ill day yesterday. I don't know what got into her but it most certainly must come out this week. So she will be tomato staked to me for the next while. Children sure have a way of humbling us, don't they? LOL They can certainly have a way of pointing out our coming short of some discipline! So we must keep in check of that. James' aunt was saying, "oh she must be tired". I was saying, "she is something but tired isn't the word I was thinking of right now". LOL I didn't know she could act like that. UGH!
Today we have another builder coming to look at our hopes of an addition and we really hope he will give us a good MUCH lower than the first we got. We had the materials priced and for us to buy the materials to have it framed, complete with shingles would cost all of just $7000!!!!! The fellow that gave us the first bid for the job gave us the price of $37,000 total. Ummmmm, yeah.....okay......have a good life Mr. Builder #1!!!! So hopefully Mr. Builder #2 will be nicer....errr...cheaper. We are thinking for us to finish the inside it'll be about $25,000.....rock bottom. We hope to buy used or low cost everything, just to get it done. We go to our bank on Wednesday morning to talk with a loan officer to see our options. Please keep the prayers up! We need prayers for what the Lord wants. Prayer is a mighty tool to armor a man.
I got our grocery shopping done for the next two weeks! GULP! It will be an adventure to meet our budget. I will have to post what was spent later. I forgot milk and so had to mix up some from powder. We almost always have powdered milk here. I can't remember ever not having it. The children and James do just fine with it for drinking and I use it in all my cooking. Then I also forgot tortillas! So Brittany and I made some Saturday afternoon. What a job! To make 24 it took maybe about and hour. We are thinking it cost about $.50 to make them from scratch. It would have cost us about $1.93 to buy them already made. It would have been worth that for sure~! But , it wouldn't have been worth the trip back to the store for just that. So making them was our option.
Another thing that I forgot to get was pizza sauce. I'll make that today for our pizzas I hope for us to have tonight. With cans of tomato paste we can make a yummy sauce that will cover our pizzas at a total of about $.75. Yes, a can of sauce would be a welcome item at about $..88 at Walmart. But again the extra trip wouldn't be welcome. For the three from scratch items we are making we will save a total of about $9.00. For powdered milk the cost is about $2 per gallon......a lot cheaper than fresh milk. I have a pitcher labeled for milk and juice that we use all the time just for those purposes.
I will have to post menus later. I am going to hopefully learn even more tricks from a few women who really seem to know their stuff in this department! I hope to reach a higher ground in frugality. According to their budgets, obviously it's possible.....errrr......ummmm....somehow. These two ladies are Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood. She claims to spend $35 for her family's edible groceries. I think it's really just for two adults and one young child. My mindset won't allow me to think of a what it was once like way back when for us. Also, we combine ALL our consumables together for our budget so that makes a difference. Another frugal mom is Carrie. She claims at spending $50 per week for all their meals for a family of TEN! Wowser!!!!!!!!! What am I missing here??? So as you can see, I've got a bit of learning to do from these wise ladies.

Here are some pics of when we did our biweekly visit to Sam's. many people will this bag of oranges feed?

Usually since we are a larger family shopping together we can draw a bit of attention unawares. I usually try to keep the children somewhat subdued to keep from any more attention being called to us. However, sometimes I will let them monkey around a wee bit. Just so long as they aren't hurting anything or anyone. This was one of those "monkey play" moments.

I hope you all have a great day in your homes and a sweet time with our Lord.

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Sep. 7, 2007 - Give-away Contest at Hskubes'
A friend is having a fabulous contest over at her blog to help celebrate back to school. She's offering some wonderful nature items that would be very enjoyable to well as educational. Please go and visit Christina over at her sweet home in the blogosphere HERE. Please hurry as time's almost up!
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Sep. 6, 2007 - A "Jewel" and Today's Happenings
I wanted to share a blog with you that a dear friend did with me. It is the sweetest blog I believe I have ever seen. There's no "I know it all and let me show you....yes, yes I've got it all figured out and here's my latest interview.....yes, see my perfect day in my perfect house in my perfect clothes and with perfect children...don't you want a piece of my perfection?" It's pure sweetness and delight to see a family love and work with each other daily such as this. So here is the "jewel" to share. I am sharing at the risk that no one will come see me again and that you may lessen my chances to win the contest that she has going.
I am on the third day of a diet I am working on. It has no name or fame. It's just the ordinary, old fashioned way of cutting calories and logging it in. I did very well on Tuesday, alright yesterday but could have done better and so we'll see about today. I need to drink more water and so am adding that in today. I'd like to lose ten pounds. Then maybe ten more pounds but let me see about the first ten and then I'll see about the next ten. Yes, I would like to look better but this is more for health reasons....just in case we are ever blessed with another I want to be at a lower weight to lessen the chances of diabetes and high blood pressure. My time to lose any weight is coming shorter and shorter before that potential event.
Well, we are still in the planning stage of a potential addition to our home as well. So why are we crazy enough to plan an addition to our home AND an addition to our family all in the same year? C-R-A-Z-Y! Why go the hard way? We really want it all! We would like more space for our family.....and we want more family. So what, we add on and give up another child? No way, Jose'! We give up the chance of adding on to our home to have more room to spread out but yet add to our family? No way, Jose'! So on Monday we talk to another builder and Wednesday we go to see the banker. We appreciate continued prayers along our journey. And if both these potential additions happen, it WILL be a journey!
We are getting more done in school this week than last week but yet, not as much as what I want. Hopefully next week we'll be up to top speed again and bit more organized! I have a goal to meet in finishing earlier than this last school year. I like the feeling of accomplishment, of organization and of order. It's makes for a peaceful mind and heart.
Okay, so today will be better than the past few in the disasters department. Mama can only take so much! Let me tell you what happened on Tuesday. I went to give me sweet 3 year old a bath. As I was taking off her jumper I say, "what in the world did you get on your jumper?". She says, "Oh it's CAT POOP!!!!!". &(&()^^%$$&^*&_()*&(_)(***J????????? WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY???? I thought I was going to throw up and then pass out. I scrubbed the child till she was beat red and then gave her a lecture on not touching the stuff again and how she could get Lord know's what from it.....worms??? UGH!
Yesterday Sambo(8) goes to take a shower and comes out with a portion of his hair missing on both sides of his head. Yes, he used the razor on his head to shave! UGH, again! After a strong lecture of about 15 minutes I reinforced my lecture just to leave a lasting effect. He decided he wants to shave like a man. Yikes! So you see, today must have not any disasters near the past few days. LOL
Okay, now that I have aired our dirty laundry, ahem, I will try and maintain some of my dignity by saying no more for now. LOL
Oh yeah, I am sorry for any typos lastely as I have been most lazy in the editing and proof-reading department. I am afraid that this post will be no different.
Linda, I'll try to email you soon! Thank you for the sweet message.

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Sep. 4, 2007 - Ball Time and Precious Joy-Anna
Yesterday evening we had a time at the ballfield to play. We like to go out there sometimes and play as a family.

This is one of Joy-Anna and I during one of our cuddle sessions.

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Sep. 4, 2007 - Budget Talk
I went on my first little grocery trip for the month of September. My bill was $32.14. I was going to wait until Friday or Saturday for our first trip but, well, I didn't want to be in self denial that much! Besides, I am trying to drop a few pounds and it sure does help when there's alteratives in the house. For the month of September our budget to spend is $375. YIKES! This is taking into consideration that we have all our beef in the freezer. That beef cost us $2.25/lb. Whenever I figure out my meal costs, I always factor that in! I'm guessing we eat about 5# of beef per week. With that said, I am looking forward to a new month to start a fresh budget. To be fair, I also have some "goodnights" and diapers here to use so I am a wee bit ahead. On the other hand..... the pantry is beginning to look barren and the fridge is as well. So it will be interesting to see where this leads.

Sep. 4, 2007 - Excuses, Excuses
I have been so tired at the end of each day....and too busy at the beginning of each to do much blogging. Then when I did hop on the "box" I'd come to visit other blogs. I have found a "jewel" of a one that I so adore. Thanks to a friend sending it my way. I will have to share that one sometimes, but in fear you won't come see me anymore for time spent there. So those are my excuses of being away from the blogging world.
It really feels like a Monday but alas it really is Tuesday! We will be a day short in our school week but all's well at the Watson household. We had a wonderful weekend with my dear being with us. Most of Saturday and Sunday we were gone. Then yesterday we spent the day choring and playing. We have been very busy and so here's now Tuesday to rest from our break. LOL
Saturday we had the opportunity to eat some good, authentic curry. While the men of the church went out witnessing, we ladies cooked up some Sri Lankan food. Under expert instruction, from our missionary familiy to Sri Lanka, we all our our own curries to make. What fun.....what work...what food! Once leaving there, we made a stop at Walmart, mainly to get some additional material for Brittany's skirt but also to get some Purex 2 for my curried shirt(why did I try to cook without a beloved apron?). So while leaving home at 9:20am we got home about 5:30pm! We ate leftovers and just sort of zonked out the rest of the day.
Sunday we had church morning and night. In between we ate out at Lizard's Thicket and then made another run to Walmart and Home Depot. We had choir practice as well. What another full day! It was nice to see home again that night just to rest a bit.
Monday we all pitched in to recover from no choring the past few days. I did about eight loads of wash. I have came to the conlusion that Joy-Anna has way too many clothes! I looked at the stack of dresses and marvelled at her wardrobe, for a one year old no less. Then I realized that we had not bought one solitary dress in the stack. The Lord gives above what we need so much! I had so much ironing to do and Joy-Anna needed my attention so I put her in the backpack and she was quite content. James mowed grass and the children did some cleaning....and much play. In the evening we headed to the ball field to play some softball. I even batted a few times! I will feel it tomorrow, I'm sure.
So, hopefully I can get on here and tell of our week. I am in the midst of so much action in our little home. On top of this I am still slowly weaning precious Joy-Anna. I am torn betwixt but I suppose it's time. She's a big girl and there are other ways to show affection and have that sweet bonding.
The engines are stalling in our machine here. I need to do some oiling as the children have stopped school... Mama leaves her overseeing posts and the gears stop. Have a great day in the LORD!
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