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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Progress

We are moving right along with getting things moved, completed and in order. Despite not hearing from our electrician yet we are working away at what we can do. Excitedly I can actually look back and not see as much work as what was ahead!

Our new schoolroom will, indeed, be utilized starting this coming Monday. I think that for the most part the children are ready. I am on the fence as I know it's time to start but yet I know what work lies ahead! I started the lesson plans but unfortunately am out of ink for our printer.
I am very bummed on that but will just keep handwritten set of plans until we can get more ink.
Jesse and Bethany want to begin reading so badly. I am hoping that this will run rather smoothly. Brittany will officially be in her high school years. Dalton is moving into 6th grade. And Samuel, well, I am praying for a blessing to fall on us for a productive year. I am looking forward in faith that he will move smoothly into being a more excelled student than ever before.

I am beginning to find out that I am going to slow it down. After making through cooking last night I had to lie down as I instructed James and the children as to what needed completing. I was having some serious pains. I kept thinking of how it'd be too soon for this! It took a few hours but things gradually slowed down. I would be so excited if I was anywhere close to delivery but 7 weeks is way too soon! So, in another month or so I will be glad to have those feelings and will actually try and promote them...

Today I am going to be folding a lot of wash that was gotten to yesterday. There will be another 3 loads to wash, fold and put away as well. The kitchen needs a serious cleaning but I think I will delegate that task out to the three oldest. The back deck needs sweeping as well. Besides that I need to head into town and deposit James' paycheck, pay the phonebill and pick up a few items from the grocery store. Our big shop is suppose to be this Friday so I am getting only the very essentials till then.

Oh yeah, I roasted some chickens last night and baked a sweet potato casserole along with rice and giblet gravy. Yum, yum, yum. That was the first time I made giblet gravy and it was a hit! James even wanted leftovers for breakfast. That's quite a compliment! LOL The sweet potatoes were a welcome blessing to us and went to good use. Tonight I think I'll make some salmon patties and sides.

A can of salmon was given to me as well. The giver just wasn't used to dealing with the "black slime and bone". She was "grossed out" and so I felt it my duty to take the can. LOL We LOVE salmon patties. I tried telling her how to fix them but she wasn't interested. hardy-har-har!

Today seems so calm and casual but it will be filled with a lot of household maintenance and general pickup too. Oh, I SHOULD clean our bedroom but I think I'll wait another day.

Have a great day in the Lord and praise Him for the day He has made.


Brittany said...

Just want to say 'love you'....


PS. YES! Take it easy!!!!

Ruth said...

I love the new look of your blog. I am glad that you are getting things into the addition. I am sure the school room is going to be great.

Anonymous said...

I like the new look, especially the children's picture at the top - how beautiful!! from Wykate