Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, how this week has flown! At 4:03pm, today, our youngest will be one week old. It's amazing how the time flies from days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years in a flash. Yes, life is a vapour! So in these sweet, fleeting days I try to sit back and take it in. With my memory I'll forget but not without trying to remember.

Gloria is off the biliblanket for her jaundice! I am so thankful as it was very cumbersome to try and feed her with it. Then to have to keep her in one spot made for challenges when we older ones had to leave the room and couldn't keep an eye on her. With the wee ones we have to be careful. Joy-Anna almost believes she is a doll. She has tried pulling at her arms and legs, poke at her, etc. as if she was. At first Joy-Anna was offstandish with her. But, just like with all the others, we have shown her that she's still loved and still holds special places in our hearts and lives. We don't believe in playing into jealousy as jealously can give into selfishness and self centeredness. So, Joy-Anna learns to love and be loved with a younger sibling.

The baby and I was able to get to church last night with the whole family! We were so blessed to be there. It makes me ill feeling to think that I missed the first five services of revival. So, I'll eek out every last drop of wisdom from the cds or off the net and have my own revival-fest. Anyhow, the services were so good last night! The ladies, of which I normally sing with, sang and did excellent! It was nice to hear them instead of being them. They sounded so good and I almost think I'd do the group justice by not singing with! Oh, and choir was great too. It's a blessing to see such a small choir singing out to the Lord in one accord. You really do miss a lot by being on one side of things sometimes! But, soon to worship the King...and to add more volume I'll jump in soon again. Anyhow, tonight's the last night of revival. I am excited to see what's going to take place. I have a feeling hearts are being touched...

I can't believe we have just one more week off from school and then plans are to start again. I need to triple tweak the schedule before starting again. I am excited to enjoy all the the activities taking place together has a whole. It's nice to see all the parts working to make the whole engine run! Time and time again people in the hospital and out would comment how our oldest is sucha good helper. Time and time again, I'd insist that they ALL are good helpers. We ALL do our part! Many hands do make work light and we do, indeed, have many hands. Our oldest is SUCH a blessing beyond any compare that I can think of. But, so are the others in each of their own ways. We all work around the house, mumbling about it or not... it get's done. With little mumblings we have sometimes but for the most part with cheerfullness and willingness to serve. It's good to feel worthiness and a sense of belonging in getting things going and to keep things running. I just love seeing all this happen!

James is outside with the middle five children pitching the tent in the backyard. The boys are excited to camp outside right now! With James off I think they are going to sleep out there tonight. Normally I'd be obliged to camp with them but I think I'll skip for the time being. . I look forward to having James these last few days before he has to return to work next week. It seemed with James working so much these past few months that we are just now getting him back. It's good to have him as ours this week instead of work's. I think I'll cry when he leaves on Monday!

Okay, I am off to shower while opportunity still prevails. I pray for you all to have a wonderful weekend in the Lord! I think later I'll post on some neat cleaning and helpful household tips that I've learned out of neccessity these past few weeks.


Ruth said...

I enjoyed the pictures of your precious little one. How sweet. I am glad to hear that you are both doing well. It is great that you were able to attend services.
I will be praying for you as you adjust.

Dana said...

Haven't seen you around lately, I hope everyone is settling in nicely and that you all are well!!


Mrs. Trixi said...

I just saw this post on the new baby. I have been so sporadic on the homemakershomestead group.


JenIG said...

I just wanted to come by and say hi. Congrats on the new little one. How wonderful!

Denise- mominpa said...

Oh my-- HI!!

I haven't visited your blog in SOME time--- (I had it labeled wrong) and also WE had a BABY GIRL the SAME day you guys did!!

How exciting!!

We also had the bili blanket or about a week at home (not our first time either)

I was just up for our 4am feeding and visited your blog (hope to not take so long to visit again)...

It is VERY hard to type with baby in hand-- but I wanted to atleast say "HI" and "Congratulations!!!"