Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday!

Once again time has flown and blogging has not. I am sitting here in my gown and robe and it's 9:30am. In a bit I am going to go shower, make egg salad for lunch and then run some errands. After errands we are coming back for some lunch and more school.

The children enjoy the Andy Griffith Show. But, in order to watch it I have told them that they must complete an hour of school. This has been great motivation to get them moving earlier in the morning! Even my 14 year old, Brittany, is setting her clock to get up earlier. I have a strong dislike of sleeping in and don't want the children to get into the mindset that slothfullness is okay. A break is okay here and there but not as a daily habit. So, anyway I am glad that right now there is motivation to arise earlier.

One of the errands to be ran today is to mail of Brittany's camera. It's having issues and is still under warranty for about another week. So, we must hurry and mail it off to be serviced. I hope that it's an easy fix and that it's journey to and fro is rather uneventful. Brittany is concerned of it's safe arrival to the service place and back again. That girl loves her camera! It's a wonderful hobby for her.

Tonight is pizza night! I am sort of getting a little burned out on pizza since we have it weekly. But, anyway it's a meal planned for and so I won't switch it out until December. Maybe we'll have it only once or twice then.

I hope you have a great weekend! I must run and get on with our day.

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