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Monday, March 30, 2009

Have Tos

It's 9:00am in our household and the machine is cranking with activity. Staying on schedule on Mondays is quite a challenge; but it's a challenge I am determined to conquer. You see, I have so many "have tos" that I must keep rolling until the "have tos" are done.

Brittany has tried her best to transfer our schedule over to my blog, but unsuccessfully. This schedule is the best for us! I tweaked it on Saturday even more and right now in our lives I couldn't imagine it any better. This is very meaningfull as I detest schedule making....uh, what do I do with baby during phonics....ummmm, how do we get school AND cleaning done? Oh and laundry... that was the hugest hurdle in our household, until Saturday. Then I made one of the children my laundry helper! Bingo! So anyway, hopefully I can share with you how the Lord blessed with a wonderful schedule for a willing household to accomplish.

These next two weeks I MUST take time out to get three dresses sewn. I want them done by/for Easter. This is something I have scheduled but at that time it's been hard to get to our sewing area. Once I finish the cutting I think things will run more I hope! I will have to post pics of the girls' dresses once I am done. Don't ask me what came over me to think I had time to sew... but with today's styles not being desirable in our lives this seems a must.

As for the rest of the week we have a whole lot of learning and a whole lot of cleaning to look forward to. I am happy to have a new week- a new day- to continue what's started and begin new needs.

With all that said, I have some lists of our week in progress.

Meals for the Week:

Monday beef patties, pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread
Tuesday chicken and tortillas, spanish rice and homemade salsa
Wednesday leftovers or simple sandwiches
Thursday manicotti
Friday pizza
Saturday chicken strips

Daily Cleaning Areas:

Monday: livingroom, front porch and mop old side
Tuesday: bedrooms and mop new side of house
Wednesday: bathrooms and windex house
Thursday: kitchen
Friday: schoolroom, vacuum house
Saturday: laundry room, van(wash and vacuum)

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