Monday, April 27, 2009

Eternity Met

It is worth it all, dear mothers,
every lost meal,
every night unslept with time to pray,
every headache due to days of correction of those wee ones,
every heartache due to not feeling accomplishment in their lives,
every tear shed because progress was stagnant,
every prayer groaned in discouragement,
every lesson taught,
every mile driven to church,
every song sang,
every Proverb read,
every correction,
every touch,
every smile when you don't feel smiling,
every regret for not doing things better....

is worth is all.

Eternity has been changed as another child had Jesus pass by. A precious child sees things in new light, much brighter than any glasses could expose.

My son, Samuel James, has met Jesus. He is born again. Glory to the Lamb of God of which was slain for me, for you, for him! Glory to the King of which rose for us all. It is all worth it!

My dear sisters, when you feel tired and discouraged, keep on going. Utter another prayer and leave all the rest to the Lord. Your labor is not in vain.

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Wykate said...

Oh Susan, my heart is overflowing at this wonderful news! May God bless Samuel and his mama and all your family.