Thursday, April 1, 2010

April: The Menu

Okay, so I've decided to do it. I am going to put on here, step by step, how we stay within a small budget. So this month, step by step along the way, I am blogging our habits in the grocery world. So, here goes! Before I start, I want to point out some unusual cirmcumstances that we foresee for April. This was an odd month to pick to do this but because of the odd month but oh well! Three things are that we are eating out twice this month. One being Little Caesar's on Sunday night, Lord willing. This is being supplied by some friends as a treat for helping them out in another way. Also, on Saturday we are in hopes of meeting up with some to eat out as well. We are going to a sit down restuarant, Lord willing. This is a very rare treat as well. Lastly, we are attending a camp meeting that we have been blessed to go to the past 5-6 years or so. This means we'll be gone for a few days. Then there's Easter this Sunday. This will be a little pricier meal that I usually prepare but that's okay as it'll all balance out. : )

cheese grits, eggs, bacon
3X cheese grits, eggs
2X pancakes (with some oatmeal added in batter)
4X muffins (all with oatmeal added, some with whole wheat, blueberries, raisins and some just cinnamon)
4X granola
2X apple cinnamon crunch(granola with cinnamon and dried apples from our food dehydrator)
2X oatmeal bake
4X smoothies
4X sausage biscuits (homemade biscuits)
2X granola bars
***I will be eating portions to stay under 200 calories...300 tops, probably no grits or pancakes ;D


2X ramen
2X egg salad sandwiches
8X meat and cheese sandwiches
4X hot dogs or bbq weanies
2X baked potatoes
2-3X nachos
2X pb&j
6X leftovers
*** I will be eating simple sandwiches and salad...anything as long as it stays between 200-300 calories


chopped ham, peanut butter, cheese on saltines
fruit and yogurt
carrots, celery in dip
cookies and milk
jello, sometimes with fruit cocktail
peanut butter and graham crackers

hot dogs, chips
tuna salad sandwiches
bbq pork, hash and rice, green beans
enchiladas (beef)
grilled chicken salad
taco salad
grilled steak strip salad
beans and sausage (4X)
steak, potato, salad
baked fish, salad
baked chicken, salad, ???
homemade pizza (4X)
taco soup
chicken and rice soup
chicken noodle casserole
tater tot casserole
Easter meal of ham, crockpot mac and cheese, green beans, devilled eggs, rolls
Little Caesar's!!!
Eat out w/ friends!!!
Camp meeting for two supper meals!!!
Great northern bean recipe of which I can't remember that I saw in my More with Less cookbook...

That's it for this month.

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