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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday's Plans

Wow, we have a lot to do tomorrow! Tomorrow is house blessing day and so I decided to type my list into my blog and then print off from there. I like to type and print a big to do list almost every week. I like to list things by person and try my best to keep things split evenly....for the children anyway. Mama always gets the most work but that's okay. It's my job. :) So here's the list.


Kitchen detail (45 minutes)
vacuum cracks in wooden livingroom floor(15 minutes)
Put away any of mine and James' clothing needed (15 minutes)
prepare clothes for visitation (10 minutes)
prepare clothes for church on Sunday (20 minutes)
schoolroom detail (15 minutes)


wash and put away girl's clothes (1 hour)
main bathroom (15 minutes)
clean bedroom (15 minutes)


clean out van (30 minutes)
put away boys' clothes (30 minutes)


sweep and vacuum hallway (15 minutes)
put away all toys at stairs (10 minutes)
put clean sheets and make beds (15 minutes)


clean up boys' room (15 minutes)
wash Sheba's food and water bowls (5 minutes)
clean up Sheba's pen (10 minutes)
gather eggs (look out for setting hen!)


mop kitchen and mudroom floors (15 minutes)
wipe fronts of fridge, DW and stove (10 minutes)


glass clean where needed (10 minutes)
"help" Mama (however long intent)

I think that will do it for another week~! After we get these chores and the basics (math and reading with littles) of schooling done we are heading to the library and probably a quick Walmart run. I am not sure on Walmart just yet.

Maybe one week I will take pictures of all of us doing our weekly work. Have a blessed rest of the week in the Lord.

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