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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

Here we are in another week to try to do things better than the week before. Well, actually last week was FABULOUS as we were heading out to campmeeting. Hmmm, so I don't know if it'll be better than last week. Anyway, we'll shoot for a fabulous week!

I wanted to update our shopping for the rest of the month of April. Also we have made a few stops for this coming month. The reason being is that Food Lion had ground beef on sale and I couldn't pass up that. Then I needed some FoodSaver bags to put the ground beef away. So we need to go to Sam's Club for that. So we went ahead and purchased our month's supply of goods from Sam's Club for May.

Walmart: I cannot find reciept but it was under $27 so I'll just say it was that.

Family Dollar: $10.03
Family Dollar: $2.67
Family Dollar: $10.20
Walmart: $80.96
Produce stand: $21.40

Total for the month of April is $606.08

This total would have been more if we had not been to campmeeting. I am thinking that our total for May will be between this and $700.

For May we have spent:

hot pockets
Cool Whip
Foodsaver bags
egg rolls
canned pink salmon
hot dogs
frozen California veggies
huge bag of pepperoni
25# bread flour
frozen yeast rolls
10# shredded cheddar cheese
10# shredded mozzarella cheese
coffee beans
6 gallons milk
dried fruit
canned chocolate pudding
toilet paper

Food Lion:
ground beef
2 boxes Ritz crackers

Total for May so far $280.56

We are due for an Aldi run this Thursday.

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