Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I was experimenting with our tortilla press to see if it'd be easier to use it to make these mini pizzas and they were! So I wanted to share my lunch making with you today. For more wonderful kitchen tips, please visit:


First, I thought I'd share what friends we have made this year! I put this feeder out last year and we had no takers but this year we have had some beautiful birds to visit. I can be right up to the window washing dishes and they don't seem bothered. I don't think they can see us inside.

Here's when I was getting started. I had leftover sauce and cheese from Friday's usual pizza making.

Here's with using the press...

Here they are, ready to eat! It takes 30 to feed our clan. :)

I figured that we could use the press to also make meat pockets as well. I do those with homemade dough. Ironically I do not make tortillas with our tortilla press. I'd rather buy those at Aldi. :) We've done them a few times they seemed too much work for what they're worth.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Neat Idea Susan!!

Could you tell me how you make your meat pockets?

I know you have a large family so I was wondering if your meat pockets are something you can mix up ahead of time and freeze and then cook as needed or is it something you do fresh every time?

I would love a recipe!!

Thanks so much!!!