Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Budget

Usually this week would be time for us to do our big monthly shopping trip. However, things are different this month and so I will be doing a few small stops to last the next two weeks. Then in two weeks I'll do even a few more stops. Strange for this gal! I am not used to all these time consuming stops.

Our new plans involved utilizing what's in the pantry as well. I feel very blessed to be able to have new learning opportunities! God is always so good like that. I always say that necessity is the mother of invention but my Father is the father of all~!
Both work wonderfully.

I am doing a lot of from scratch cooking with making muffins and such. I may even give in and bake a few loaves of bread. I am still debating on that one though.:) Ha!
I really do think that eating from scratch is a huge way of saving money on the groceries.

We've been extra busy around here it seems. This is the second week of no school. I hope for us to start back up again this coming week. Well...we have done a bit here and there this week as well but isn't that the natural thing to do? I truly believe that you can learn so much through everyday learning. Implementing books into learning happens quite "accidentally" around here as it is so apart of us that it just happens.

One thing that I do need to work on is getting these books organized! Sometimes I can organize pretty well but when it comes to all of our books....its the death of me! I do plan on labeling a bookshelf in our dining room to hold each child's books. Still yet a lot of books are shared between them as a lot of our books are separated by grades per say. It'll get there eventually.

I hope to have a day in the life of us post very soon. Just taking the time to do so seems hard right now. The children really know how to keep me on my toes. They are my life as is my Lord and husband. This IS my life and a happy one at that...messy or not. :)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog! :)

I understand how odd multiple shopping trips are. It's odd but when you're on a tighter budget you seem to shop more instead of the other way around!

In this Recession I've started to bake bread as well. I love no-knead bread, alot less hassle. :)

God bless you! Hope you're having a great week! :)

Dana said...

Susan we are in the same boat, we have been trying so hard to cut back on things and it does take up more time. I hope things are ok with you and James and your family!!!

Looking forward to your day in the life post!!