Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick Post

I wanted to hop on really quickly and say, "hello". This week is a busy week as we have revival services at church this week. So our days are filled with the usual school, chores, cooking and a few extras in between. Then the evenings are full of wonderful hours of church. :)

Today's "extra" was wrestling with the sewing machine in order to get some slits sew up on the girls jean skirts. After a few broken needles and adjusting the thread, I was finally able to get things rolling. I was able to sew up five skirts.

On Thursday we are to go do some grocery shopping and restock. This is the time when I have to get inventive with our meals. Oh yeah, I guess I was inventive today but not with good reviews. Hahaha. I fried some sliced hot dogs in a skillet and added some bbq sauce. That wasn't so unusual. What was unusual was boiling some pasta and adding it in. It sounded like a good idea at the time anyway. No one spoke against the dish but no one spoke for it either. :) Live and learn.

I hope for you all to have a blessed week in God's goodness. Hopefully I can get on soon and type up my grocery list and a few thoughts on our plans for the coming weeks menus.

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