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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Believe to Receive

We went and hopefully finished up our Christmas shopping for this year. If we forgot anything or anyone then they must get an IOU. :D While in a shoe store to pick up cowboy boots for one of the children this was our conversation with cashier.

Cashier: (speaking to six year old girl) Are you ready for Santa Claus to come to your house?

6YO: No, Santa isn't real.

Cashier: What? Well, I tell my children that if you don't believe then you don't receive. That's the way it works in my house.

6YO: Santa is only in cartoons now. He ISN'T REAL.

Cashier: Well, I have a friend on Facebook and she has a close connection to Santa Claus. I am going to tell her to put in word that you don't believe in him and he won't bring you anything.

Me: Jesus is the reason for the season.

Cashier: (shrugging shoulders)Yeah, you're right.

I wish that our daughter would have told that lady that she knew where her presents came from----from Ebay through her parents! I wish I had thought to tell that woman that all good things come from God and if she doesn't believe(in Jesus) then SHE won't receive (salvation). Of course I didn't think of it till it was too late. Bah hummbug to her Santa Claus! We can put in word to Someone who hears, cares and answers. To one who is still alive and will live forever. Glory to God in the highest! To my family, Santa is a funny cartoon and Jesus is for real.

Yeah, you do have to believe to recieve....


MamaAnt said...

Hindsite is 20/20 as they say.

May the seed that was sewn in this cashier grow to overflowing.

Melanie said...

That is so great! I'm sure you must have been very proud of your daughter!
I'm so glad my parents taught me the real reason for Christmas too. They never taught me and my brother to believe there was a Santa. Mom said she didn't want some guy in a red suit getting the credit for all their hard work! :)
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth! ♥