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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Better Is as Better Does

The children in our big snow the day after Christmas. If it had snowed just one day sooner it would have been our first white Christmas. It actually begin around 12:30am on December 26th. :)

The rest of the day yesterday ran pretty well. We finished out our school, with only missing one subject for two children (same lesson). Brittany made vegetable soup and I baked some cornbread. Brittany is turning into a pretty good cook. :) It was a tremendous blessing, to have her to hop in and whip it up for me.

Today's school turned out pretty well too. I do still have to do grammar and math with the youngest two school-age children and then check the math of Samuel(11). I think he's pretty much gotten down the concept so we may get to move on to the next lesson tomorrow. yeah!

In a bit it will also be time to get some meatballs in the oven. I believe we'll have meatball subs and tater tots tonight. While in the kitchen I need to catch up on the dishes. Brittany had laundry to wash today so she'll be busy with putting that away. I think that Dalton has a load to put away from yesterday as well. Hopefully I can get in mopping the floors this evening.

Last night James and I started a game of Phase 10 with the oldest four children. Jesse dropped out as it was a little over his head still yet. We were all on our 5th or 6th phase when we stopped. Hopefully we can continue this game tonight or on Thursday night. I am losing so am ready to get the beating over with. ha-ha
If James doesn't make it home in time to finish that game then I may do Bingo with the children. That is something most of the younger ones can join in on as well.

James has been super busy at work this season. They are having a meeting with his department tomorrow. I am hoping that the meeting will not bring too much bad news. I do know that this is not to be a "happy" meeting. I am just hoping that it will bring good to everyone.

Have a great evening in the Lord!


Cheryl said...

What a great picture of your snowman and his creators. I know that my girls are a great help at times in the kitchen. It is nice and it teaches them great skills.

We have played Phase 10 and enjoy it. I hope that all goes well with your husband's meeting tomorrow.

Have a great evening with them all.


Melanie said...

What a sweet picture of your children with their snowman. They're just beautiful! I love all those happy smiles. :)
I hope things go well with your husband's meeting today.
Take care. ♥

momof4 said...

I love the snow picture:)We had snow for Christmas Day 2 years ago!! but for now my children are (and I!)are patiently waiting for snow this year!!!!