Thursday, February 3, 2011

So, this month I am micro-organizing our expenditures. Here's how I'm doing it:
Food/Beverage $360
non-food $75
Stock-up $65
Total allowed $500

I am also writing down everything that I buy. I just want to see what we actually spend our money on. So I've got a notebook to write everything down with an envelope attached to tuck the receipts in.

I have been to the local Dollar Store, Aldi and Food Lion. I am nearly prepared with 2 weeks worth of groceries besides some fresh produce from the local stand, some tea and maybe a little bit more of meat.

The next big shopping trip will be around the 17th to set us up for the rest of the month of February.

This is what is left to spend:
Nonfood $24.65, food/bev. $223.61, stockup $31.48

I'll write another post on what I have bought and then another post on our menu.


Dana said...

Wow the kids have really grown!! I can't get over what a lady Brittany has grown into, she is beautiful Susan!!

I need to post some pics of mine to share with you, the baby is walking now!! Everyone said she would be walking by her 1st birthday and of course she is stubborn like her mama, and walked on the 24th of Jan, 4 days before she was 13 months!!

Cheryl said...

I generally shop twice a month. I haven't figured out to much, but I generally stay at $325 a month for the five of us. That includes pet food, paper products, and groceries. I don't factor in the meat (we raise that) and the whole wheat.

Have a great afternoon and evening with your family.


April said...

Love the pictures!!