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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Hey Everybody!

I hope y'all are all doing well. We are staying healthy right now, praise God! Hopefully this will be a standing trend for a very long time. This week we have VBS at church and so I thought I'd share our schedule.

Many things to do as's a little list:

~6:00 wake, quiet time, feed James and get him off to work, feed children breakfast, dress and tidy bathroom, make bed, computer time
~9:00 Office/paperwork
~9:30 garden work (hoeing, weeding, picking, putting produce up)
~10:30 spelling and math with some of the children
~12:00 prepare lunch and eat
~1:00 swim with children
~2:30 line up craft and activities for VBS tonight
~2:45 clean up time
~3:00 nap!!!!!!
~4:00 get clothes ready for VBS
~showers and baths
~leave at 5:50 for VBS

On Thursday we need to go do some grocery shopping so that will replace everything from 9:30-2:30 on that day. We'll throw lunch in there somewhere. If we swim that day, it'll be a bonus.

I really enjoy swimming mainly for physical reasons. It feels very good to my joints and the warmth of the sun is fabulous! The children enjoy it as well. I call it "swimming in the vacation". This year we bought a salt chlorinator, salt, new pump and filter, of which would equal a cheap vacation. Soooo, the pool IS our vacation. :D
The salt chlorinator works SO MUCH BETTER for us instead of all the chemicals. We do feel it is truly more economical. Hopefully next year we won't have to put near as much into it and we can make back the money invested.

Okay, so I must run in order to keep things going as planned. Truly, I'd like to crawl back in bed. Alas, no rest for this weary gal. ;D

Have a blessed day in God's goodness!


Margery said...

Sounds like a busy week, VBS is alot of fun, but does make for a long week.

Beth said...

We have VBS next week. It sure makes for a busy week, especially if the garden is in high gear. I will do my first picking of green beans tomorrow morning so by next week, I'll be picking every other day. Joy!!
We have a couple of friends that have converted their pools over to salt instead of chlorine. They seem to like it much better.