Wednesday, March 21, 2012



The mornings have been slow lately. We're going to have to get with it. Gloria slept well but I woke her at 3am to give her some more fever meds. She was warm. She is not complaining about anything and acts totally like herself. She's a ham!
So we'll continue to watch.

I am also feeling a little off. Today was a slow day. Not much happened and not much done. Days like this are no fun!

I did do a few loads of laundry. Also I made lunch of tuna casserole. There was a little picking up here and there but not much else. Around 4:30 I got a serious headache. When James got home I walked outside, hoping this would help as he hooked up the sprinkler to the garden.

With Gloria having a fever and I having a headache we decided to stay home. I helped make sure the others were dressed and ready to go. I didn't feel like cooking so I fed them ice cream and asked James to pick up something to eat after church. Yeah...really not feeling good!

The rest of the family went to church, the grocery store for bread and Little Caesar's for a cheap (as we can get) meal out.
They came home and we ate a late supper and headed to bed. Gloria stayed with us again so I can keep watch.

Here's to a better day tomorrow Lord willing!


April said...

Sorry things didn't go too well. I hope you had a better day today!!

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad headache. Those sure are awful.
Praying for you my dear friend.
It's fun getting pizza like that, we love doing that also.
Love you,