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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today has been really different. Not that it was a bad different but not the usual.
After sending James off to work and the children got up we had unusual one of pb&j on hot dog buns! Ha! I wasn't in the mood to make breakfast so that's what we had. Confession made. :D

I worked in the kitchen a while cleaning. Yes, there's always a lot of work to do in the kitchen. I have found in our family the biggest jobs we have deals with 1)food, 2)paper and 3)clothes.

Two of the boys and I went to CVS and Piggly Wiggly. CVS has a great deal on their soda (Coke 12 packs). Soda is a rarity in our house, well maybe once every month or two and boy, have we enjoyed it today at lunch and supper! I bought three cans of salmon ($2 a can) and a can of baby shrimp at the same price. I am going to try that in shrimp fried rice this Saturday as that's oriental night (most Saturdays).

At Piggly Wiggly I picked up some ground beef (enough for the months of April and some of May) at $1.99 a pound. It's 73% lean and their beef is suppose to be free from the pink slime. It looks pretty good. Also, I picked up another pack of cubed steak ($2.99 pound). They had some country link sausage and lunch meat marked down on quick sale at half price. They also had Pringles canisters of chips on sale for 5/$5. I bought some marked down salad mix for .99 and also a 5 pound bag of carrots for $2.99. Jesse sweet talked me into buying some sunflower seeds. I was impressed about this store that I'm usually not so impressed about! I will have to check them out more often, especially being so close to home.

When we got back, it was time for lunch! Brittany made quesadillas and I made homemade salsa since some of the tomatoes needed to be used very soon. It was very tasty.

After lunch I had Bible study and wrote a friend going through a hard time right now. This took a good amount of time but talking and helping a friend is time well spent. I think it's pleasing to the Lord.

By this time I decided to start studying Dalton's math. After 2 1/2 of constant studying, I think I finally got it! Now, if I can keep it and also turn around and teach it we'll be doing good!

While I studied, the children played a game for 30 minutes. Also, they worked on independant reading, history and math.

By the time I was done studying, James had already came home and went outside to play football with the children. I decided to join them. I walked around the field, feeling much happier of my mathematical accomplishments, carrying Gloria, blowing dandelion seeds, observing planes and the patterns they left in the sky. I also discovered the plaintain was out. I hope to harvest a lot of this to use medicinally.

For supper we had simple meat and cheese sandwiches, Pringles chips and soda. Sometimes the simple things taste so good!

The children watched The Music Man and then it was time to get ready and go to bed. Good night!


Cheryl said...

Your had a busy day. I spend that much time at times studying math. Here is a great website that has some good videos.

It is free to sign up for. You got some good deals today.

Have a wonderful evening with your family.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Helping kids, friends, going outside to enjoy the (strange)beautiful weather....Just splendid!
Enjoy your weekend with your family.


donna said...

Hi, my name is Donna and I am new at reading your blog. I got your blog address at Cheryl's blog. You had left a comment on her post. I have been busy today reading your older posts. I have so enjoyed reading them. I did not know there were any Piggly Wiggly's still in operation. We had one years ago in my hometown. Come visit me any time at

donna said...

I would love to be added to your sidebar. Thanks so much. Please come back and vist as often as you can. God bless.