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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday March 13

Well, I had typed quite a post and wouldn't you know it, it disappeared. Blogger didn't want to save my work today.

I got up the usual time but did lie back down for about 30 minutes. I think I need to start my vitamin D again. Even though we are having warmer temps, the days have been rather dark.

This morning we had leftover cobbler and ice cream for breakfast. I got us started with school, beginning with grammer for the youngers. Dalton did history and science. That was mostly it for the morning school.

I cleared off the kitchen counter and the fellows took out food scraps to compost and feed the chickens or dog. I began the Duggar's chicken and tortillas. For lunch the children had fried bologna and cheese sandwiches. I had carrot sticks with a little ranch dressing.

I wanted to bring out that I am trying to lose 15 pounds. Yesterday I weight 155.6. So, I think I'll post on here my progress and failures. I guess Mondays will be my weigh in day. That's sort of a bad day to pick as it's right after the weekend. Ah well, it will call for more discipline and it is what it is.

I just finished the treadmill for the first time in a long time. A few years ago I was up to doing over 4 miles a day. Maybe I can work up to that but for today it was a time of 20.10 minutes, 1.06 miles and burned 159 calories. I also did the weight bench some. I can't stay on that thing near as long as I'd like. It gets your heart pumping very quickly. That's a good thing but very hard. So maybe on this coming Monday I will be 2-3 pounds lighter? Ha! Yeah right! LOL Well, it's a goal anyway.
We do have a camp meeting to go to on April 16th so that can be a date to touch for to be...ah...maybe 7 or so pounds lighter. I am always a slow loser.

So, after lunch I worked out some and did some computer work. I worked with the children in spelling. The day was lighter in the school department than I wanted it to be.

I washed off a table that was given to us and put a tablecloth on it. We plan on repainting it but I was excited to use it. So I set it up and did my devotions at it. It was so nice and pleasant outside. It was a wonderful place to pray. I think I'll be out there a lot of mornings... Gloria and I had a precious moment out there too. There was some broken glass on the deck and I told Sheba, our lab, to not step in the glass. Gloria immediately bowed her head and covered her eyes with her hand and said, "Dear God, please don't let Sheba step on the glass. Don't let her foot get cut. Amen." It was precious! When she was done she looked up at me with a cute grin. :D

Brittany cut the fellows' hair. She also worked a long time on the church website. She worked in the laundry room a good while too. It was a full day for her!

After James got home, he worked on our septic system. The children and I ate supper. James had a very late lunch, at 2:30, so he wasn't hungry. After I ate, I began scraping wallpaper from a diningroom wall. I believe I did a 2 foot by 5 foot section. What a workout!

You know, when we first started taking the drywall down to uncover the pine boards and we saw the pine boards covered with wallpaper we though, "hmmm, that's interesting." I excused it at the time and said, "I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time." Well, now I had a fleeting thought that whoever covered these walls with wallpaper should be shot. I know! Bad me! LOL I can't wait for all this hard renovating to be totally over. I'm so tired. We've been doing this for over four years. I hope that we'll be done this year. :D

I cleaned the kitchen some more after working on the wall and then relaxed for the evening. I believe that the Bates family is going to be on at 10:00pm tonight. I enjoy seeing them so I think I'll try to stay up for that.

Have a good evening in the Lord!


April said...

That is a FULL day!! I know you can do it!! You are very disciplined!!I will be praying that you reach your goals!! Where are the Bates family coming on?

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya! As of 4 yrs ago, I have lost 100 pounds but those last 15 are NOT budging! I have an accountability group (3 other ladies) that I text daily to make sure we are all doing what we've commited to do. It helps tremendously when I know someones going to ask me and when I dont "feel" like exercising, it helps me to know they are doing it as well. I believe you can do this, just slow n steady is what's going to last. Unfortunately, it's TOO slow it seems sometimes! :)


Cheryl said...

You have been busy. Wallpaper is one thing my husband has said he would never have in the house. I don't care for it, so I don't mind. Someday I would like to go through and repaint some rooms.

Have a wonderful day with your family.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
You have been busy. I'm having a hard time getting up too with the dark mornings since the time change.
Thinking of you my friend,