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Saturday, April 14, 2012

We have been busy packing. That is a chore in and of itself! Then a wrench, but a good wrench was thrown in the plans. Wow...

So today (Saturday) James, the three little girls, Samuel and I head to the big-small town. We have the big-small town, the big town and the big city. Anyway, so we go to the big-small town and get some new tires put on the van. Providentially the usual tire place was already closed and we had to go to the other tire place. Providentially there was a big yard sale right beside the other tire place. So James stays while they do the tire and I haul four children over to the yard sale. On the first table there were some jeans in his size (think husky waist and shorter guy) for a dollar! Yay! While looking at the next table (this was a multi family sale), Joy-Anna reaches for a Smurf toy. The lady jumps up, "Oh, there are 3! Take them all! You can have them! Oh, doesn't your sissies need something? How about this? How about this? Take these! Oh big brother wants something. Take this football!" Ha! This was hilarious. Come to think of it, I didn't buy anything from that lady. I should have just as a thank you. Hmmm.... Anyway so the next table has a rack full of big....ahem...blouses to fit me. I ask how much they were each. Fifty cents! I buy 7.

So we go to the hole in the wall thrift store that I frequent. I find two skirts, brown sandals and three ties for the boys. It was a good visit.

We go to Wal-mart. I told James to please remember everything so we don't have to visit a Walmart while out of town. Isn't it crazy how you go out of town and have to visit Walmart for one thing or another? So many times we'd be in such and such town and we'd be in Walmart buying something! "Here we are! We're in Walmart! I can't believe it!" I don't want that this time. So he tells me that he can't find crab pots at this Walmart. So, when we get to our destination to go crabbing, hubby will go to Walmart while I stay out in the van with the children. :D

Then we go to Reids to pick up chicken scratch and mash. My dad is coming around to feed the animals while we're gone. What a blessing that is! We go by their house and give them a key to the house and directions on where the feed and animals will be.

Okay, so I'm off to clean, wash laundry, clean, mend laundry, clean, get ready for Sunday School and clean. Yeah, I think that's it. Oh no! We have to eat. Ummm, burgers... yeah....burgers.



April said...

Wow! What a day. It is very unusual to find that many blouses at one place no matter what your size is.:)

Anonymous said...

So Cool! What a blessing to find just what you needed/wanted for great prices. I may have to re-think going to yard sales. We usually just go to the thrift stores but seems like even those prices are starting to creep up.


Carol said...

Your blouses were a great deal. So glad you were blessed with items you needed.

donna said...

Congrats on all your yard sale and thrift store finds. You were really blessed. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cathy said...

Thinking of you my friend.

Love ya,

Steve Finnell said...

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