Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I trust that you all are having a good week. Ours is going by quite quickly. I have to tell you that yesterday morning was one of those mornings to where I was having a hard time to get up. I slept in till 8am and then groggily got up and went on with the day. I really did miss those lost hours of wake time and quiet but it happens sometimes! The previous two nights of sleep had been spotty and light. Last night was a bit much better so I am back on now. :D

Thank you all for your comments and added suggestions. Ex-Heavysleeper suggested having a morning routine and  to have an activity that you can look forward to doing the next day. Also, that it's good to open the windows to let the sunlight beam in. I couldn't agree more! That is..when the sun finally comes up! :D
Before our house addition, the livingroom windows let in a lot of golden sunlight. I dearly loved it! I have a picture archived somewhere of the sunlight coming through those windows years ago. Now, I enjoy the sunlight beaming through the trees, into our kitchen window. It doesn't hit through there currently until about 7:15am. When the time changes, it should be earlier.

This week we've been busy with the usual chores of cleaning and cooking. On Monday, Samuel had an orthodontist appointment to get an appliance put in to make his jaw grow. This was a long, 2 hour appointment.We've got in a bit of reading as well. Speaking of reading; I am reading a book that I picked up from a thrift shop. It is called Homestead A Memoir by Jane Kirkpatrick. I love it! I have only skimmed through the book and read the first several pages but I already am into it. It is about a couple who bought a chuck of land (over 300 acres?) in Oregon, actually close to the Oregon/Washington border. The book chronicles the struggles to get everything settled and moving on this piece of land, of which is down an 11 mile dirt drive, far away from anyone. Wow! So, anyway, if you think you'd be interested in such, you'll have to check it out. Jane Kirkpatrick writes non-fiction and fiction. She also is a Christian writer.

Okay, so I'd better go for now but please have a blessed day in the Lord.


Cheryl said...

I know what you mean about spotty sleep. Have lots of those nights. We start getting light about 5:15 or so around here.

Have a wonderful day with your family.


donna said...

I will definitely be on the lookout for that book. It sound very good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, That book sounds interesting. I will have to check our library or on inter-library loan for it. Thanks for the suggestion! Nancy