Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday September 10, 2012

Breakfast: cereal (corn flakes, sugar and powdered milk) $2.50

Lunch: ramen and bologna sandwiches (5 packs ramen, 4 sandwiches) $2

Supper: chicken cacciatore (pack of .99/lb chicken breasts, tomato paste, home canned tomatoes, spaghetti seasonings, garlic, carrots, celery, onion, home grown red potatoes) $5.00
lime and orange gelatin from Honeyville Grain .50

beverages: (tea, powdered milk and coffee) $1

Total: $10.50

Under budget so far by: $22.75

We are REALLY hoping we can go to a chinese restaurant the end of this month. This is HUGE treat that very, very rarely happens for our family. I am hoping that we recieve coupons on the mail soon as we periodically get them for local restuarants. Also, going at lunch saves a lot than dinner prices. We could drink water while there but, you know, that's not as fun. No, we'll get soda or tea. :D I'm guessing it will be around $60-$65 for our family....could be more? 

I mentioned about us possibly going out soon and my 10 year old, Jesse, says "Oh yummy! Little Caesar's!" Ha! That's his idea of us going out. It's always that or dollar burgers. Not this time, my little man!

It's time to do some grocery shopping but only a few sales papers come out on Monday. Not much was good in those. So I am hoping that the sales that begin on Wednesday will be better. Also, I think I'll hit the food salvage grocery store this Thursday when I go to pay our mortgage. I am praying for some SUPER deals! The cupboards are getting sparse and so it makes meal planning quite interesting. :D


Anonymous said...

oh chinese! tha's a good plan...hoping you find a good deal. Wehn we went (6 of us) is was $60 after drinks and tip, and 2 of us drank water.....I should have looked in the paper b/c when we got home there was a drink coupon and a 10% off the entire order. Humpf! anyhow it was a memorable night, even though it was ALOT to spend on 1 meal. Guess we will still continue to go out 1-2 times a year.


April said...

Chinese sounds yummy!! I am hoping to go to the bread store and the salvage store this week.

Beth said...

Our eating out is determined by what coupons come in the mail. Lol. We really like the BOGO combination meals from the Mexican place. We each get a different combination of foods and then split it so we each end up with 4 different things on our plate. The entree, along with the "free" chips and salsa, we usually do pretty good. :)
I hope you get to your goal of money saved and are able to go.