Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Challenge (Power)

Okay, so this just dawned on me as I was reading a message board that I am part of. I thought that it'd be good to do a challenge on reducing our energy bills! So here and there, as much as I can, I will post ways we are trying to save. We have both electric and gas. Our kitchen stove, water heater and dryer are on propane gas. The rest is electric. We have a 2700 square foot home with two HVAC units.

I use to keep good tabs on the electricity usage but lately I've become quite sloppy in this area. :( So lets pay more attention, shall we (I!)? As of now, if money is to be saved, it's up to me but perhaps this will rub off on the littles as well. :D

So as soon as I hope off here the first thing I'll do is go turn off any lights and unplug anything not being used.
I got one person on board in the food challenge. She even started her own blog for it. Please check out Vicki's interesting blog at:


Does anyone want to join in this challenge as well? This is so much more fun if I have partners to glean from! Please share with me any of your challenges in saving in any area, especially if you blog it!


Elsie said...

Susan, a couple of years ago I read that the computer wastes a lot of power. I have the computer, monitor and printer all plugged into the same power surge protector which I unplug every night before I go to bed and again in the morning before I leave for work. It cut about $10. per month off my power bill.

Vicki said...

Thank you for sharing my blog, Susan! One thing I have done to save on our power bill is doing away with my dryer. It is not even in the house. I air dry everything either indoors or out. My family is much smaller than yours though! Some summers I have done without air conditioning completely. This year I set it at the mark right before 70 and didn't touch it. Our power bill never even made it to $200 this summer. Our 1600 square foot home is much smaller than your house. Now that it is fall we can open windows to cool off and use sweatshirts to warm up. :)I can't wait to hear some more ideas!