Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Breakfast Anyone?

Whelp, I have a confession to make. I hate cooking breakfast. I know, hate is a strong word. I can't help it. It's true. I make sure we have something to eat (even if it's leftover dessert from the night before). I cook half the time, have leftover cake sometimes and cereal sometimes. Sometimes I cook breakfast the night before or make huge batches of granola to help. Recently, I bought two cases of honey buns from the salvage store. At .69 a box, who could resist? Pair it up with some milk for a little added nutrition.

We were suppose to have ribs last night but I forgot to lay them out to thaw in time. We buy riblets in a case for $1 a pound. So you have to thaw them well as they are frozen in a big lump. With this not the case, I needed a plan and QUICK! It was 4:00pm, after all.

I thought of spaghetti but knew the family wasn't in the mood for pasta. "How about a breakfast supper?", I asked self. Self answered, "Yep and you know you like cooking big so why not think ahead and cook some for the morning." EUREKA! Why not for a FEW mornings.

So, the flour slinging began. Bethany and Brittany fried bacon. I made up two batches of muffins (lemon poppy seed, blueberry and chocolate chocolate chip). I made homemade biscuits. I made a huge skillet of sausage gravy. I fried eggs. Brittany cooked a pot of grits. We feasted. It was good and set like a rock.

The cost for the full meal was $15.50. This is for one supper and three breakfasts (at least).

I now have leftovers in the fridge for at least three mornings of breakfast. This morning I took out the leftover biscuits and gravy. I heated up hubby's breakfast in a bowl and served with a kiss and a smile. He returned a kiss and a smile. All were happy. "I see this happening more often", says wife. "Okay", says husband.

The End.


April said...

Awesome!! How did you like those lemon poppy seed muffins? I never thought of making a big batch of sausage gravy and warming it!

Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
This is smart thinking. I never really cooked breakfast either when our boys were young. We usually had cereal.
Love reading about your days.
Love ya friend,

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I don't like making breakfast either! Cooking ahead like that is a great idea. I make granola and have that a lot of the time for myself! Nancy

samuel99 said...

April, the muffins were really good, especially with the blueberries and lemon together. Yummy! Gravy warms over well.

Susan said...

Cathy, now I don't feel so bad about not cooking breakfast a lot. :D It's so good to see you here. Give that grandbaby some kisses for me! Susan

Susan said...

Nancy, I am glad to have like company. :D I enjoyed seeing your starts on your blog. Now, we have a lot in common. :D I could garden first thing any day.

Susan said...

April, the above was me on Samuel's account. I keep doing that. :D

Cathy said...

Yes, don't feel bad. Pick your battles and if making breakfast is not your favorite, that's just fine.

Tomorrow baby Grayson will get a kiss from you!!

Love ya,

donna www.merryheartcrafts.com said...

Great idea. God bless.

Laura said...

Loved your post, it made me smile.