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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thank You

Thank you for praying for Mama and her procedure today. We had to laugh at how surprisingly easy it was to take the feeding tube out. For those not familiar, she had a tube that led from her stomach to the outside of her abdomen. You could open and close the tube to add liquid nutrition through a syringe.

To have the tube put in was not so fun. To get it out was a breeze! I was in the room when they did this and they said that some people remove their own, which sounds insane to me. Anyway, the doctor just clipped the tube and pulled. They put some packing on the outside and taped her up. The holes in her stomache and also on the outside of her abdomen will heal and close on their own. Creep, ugh? LOL

So, once again, thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow we go to have a scan done of a lump on her arm. We suspect it is what is commonly called a fatty patty but with cancer still in rear view, it is wise to have it scanned. A fatty patty on my Mom is hilarious as she currently weighs 112 pounds. :D


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!!!!!!!! I believe prayer works.


Cathy said...

Praying my sweet friend.

Love ya,

April said...

I do think that would be surprising :) Praying for the scan today!!

Beth said...

I am so glad your mom's procedure went well. I know she is glad to have that tube out of her.

I remember when I had the abdominal abscesses a couple of years ago, I had 2 drains that came out of my right side, one down at my hip and the other, under my breast. It was miserable.

I thought the removal was going to be such a HUGE ordeal but nope, he clipped the end and pulled and out it popped!! Whew!! What a relief!

I am soooo glad your mom is improving and I will remember her in prayer for her fatty patty. :)