Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1 Meals

Okay, so here we are with the first day of the month! Here's what happened today.

I woke up this morning and did a bit of laundry. I prepared our clothes and got ready to go to church visitation. This is where we go and witness door to door. We. Are. Baptist. :) Before we left I had some cereal so to not be tempted with doughnuts. Usually I would have some but I have been enjoying a lot of sweets otherwise.

After visitation we had lunch. The family had Lunchables and I had packed a salad. Now, normally I would not buy Lunchables but they are e a great deal at $1 each....cheaper than eating out and more convenient than sandwiches.

We cleaned the church while the children played ball with some friends and neighbors of the church. Then we ran some errands and headed home. Once home I read for a while, the children and husband played. While husband took a nap, I cooked dinner for tomorrow and supper for tonight.

Here's supper!

Now, here is a meal story. The pork chops were .99 a pound.

I fried them with a little seasoning and no breading per James' suggestion.

I made some instant mashed potatoes at .43 a box. I used 1 1/2 boxes. With milk added that I bought at discount, this was a treat. 

I put a simple salad with this that consisted of a spring salad mix, grape tomatoes and cucumbers at 3/ $1.  I love one day sales!!!  

Okay, so I may post a dessert in a bit. Brittany, our oldest daughter, offered to make one. :)

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