Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 5

Good Morning! Well, yesterday was a good day. We got our usual school and chores done.
In the morning we had a breakfast of green smoothies. In our smoothies I put in kale, apple, banana, grapes, orange, pineapple, whey protein, peanut butter, flax seed and chia seed. When I am making just one for me, I add all of this plus some green tea powder.

We did school in the morning and then had lunch. For lunch we had a little bit of leftovers and ramen noodles. After lunch Brittany took Samuel to his orthodontist appointment. I *thought* this would be easier but #1 she did not know when to set up the next appointment and #2 I forgot to give her the payment to pay for this month. So, #1 I had to call and set up the next appointment and #2 I have to go today and make that payment. :D Aww well.

For chores we cleaned up a little of the dining room. Laundry and dishes were don't as usual but always seems to be behind. James and I talked of putting in another washing machine to have two but he said that he is not sure if our drain line could take two machines going at once. That is even with our washing machine having it's own drain line anyway. Well, the thought  was nice. :D

We had a snack of  oreo type cookies. Yummy!

I did not get to my devotions until the afternoon and so find it gracious that I had time. It's always good to do it first thing just to make sure! Besides, I was interrupted by many questions during my reading and you can't beat being with God alone a little while. For my reading, I read about Abram and Lot....dealing with Sodom and Gomorrah. I found it uncomfortable to read. Something comical to me was Genesis 13:8...."we be brethren". Instead of "we are brethren". :D The grammatical wording was comical to me somehow. My New Testament reading was in Matthew 5.

In the evening we had supper of beef stew over egg noodles. We went for our mid week church service. After church we went to Walmart to buy a new printer. We purchased a printer/ scanner and copier combo for $50. The copier on our old machine works just fine but the printer feature stopped months ago.

Once we got home, we got settled in and whinded down, it was about 11:30 before we hit the bed. Morning will seem much sooner now.
Have a great day in the Lord!

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