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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I trust that you all had a great weekend. Ours was very busy but fruitful. James and the children moved the chicken coop. Wow, what a job! The run is still not moved but it is so funny to see chickens still standing in the run and #1 trying to find a way out when half of the run is open. Then, #2, they are standing there and appear to be thinking, "where is our house?". They are such funny creatures. They have found where their home is now and coop themselves up at night.

Monday was very productive. The house can sometimes get in such disarray on the weekends. So we took the day to clean. I cleaned the kitchen and dining room areas. I also mopped, glass cleaned and vacuumed.  Brittany (19) cleaned the bathrooms. Dalton(16) cleaned the living room. Samuel(14) cleaned the boys' room and put on fresh sheets. Jesse(12) washed out the stinky trash can. Bethany(10) matched and put away a pile of socks. Joy-Anna (7) mopped the living room and Gloria gathered eggs from the chickens. She did mop a little also because she wanted to. With us all pitching in, what a difference it makes!

I scratch down a list on the fridge for most every day so we each have something to do. I sometimes get their input in to what they want to do while I discern what they are capable of doing.

Then it was time for some play. The children went on a bike ride....except for Gloria. She was not very happy about that. She is owed a bike ride and also was pushed on the swing. Some of the children paired up to make it home before the others.


Anonymous said...

I love my "girls". That's what we call our chickens. We don't have very many. Want to add more this spring. My girls are let out to roam free everyday. Just a small house to keep clean.
I love to watch them. They run to me when I call. I'm so popular in my chicken community! I love the attention :-)

JILL O'BRIEN said...

Wow! I'm so happy you had a lot done on a Monday. It's adorable how you and your family help each other out in doing household chores. Even Joy-Anna helped mop the living room. I would've loved to see how that turned out. Haha! You have a big family, yet you all seem really close to each other, which is very inspiring. I would really love to read more, so please keep us updated! :)

Jill O'Brien @ Penn Valley Chemical