Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Tuesday Morning!!

I hope that you all are doing well! We are doing wonderfully. The Lord is so good!!! We have kept busy.

Recently we went to a camp meeting that we have been to for several years. This goes on for three days and is such a blessing. During the last service we attended there, my husband surrendered to preach. Hopefully before long he will be preaching in a nursing home. Ain't God good??!!! Please pray for him as he prepares for this part of life. Pray for our family to be a blessing as well.

Okay, for those into the budgeting part of my blog, here's an update. I had made an outrageously low budget for a month(to go through April 8th) of $200. Baaaaaa! Haaaaa! I did not make it. Our spending for those four or so weeks was $350. This included all food and non-food, including dog and chicken feed. I won't complain as I think this was still good. I will update this current cycle later. Currently we are right around an average of $400 per month.

We will have a busy warm season this year. We are in hopes that James will get the shed up within the next few months. I have not planted anything just yet as this weather has been crazy. I am guessing our garden won't be massive but hopefully will produce a plentiful harvest.

We have nine days of school left for the school year. While we are wrapping things up, I am thinking on filling out the year end paperwork. We have our oldest son graduating this year. Be still, my heart! His plans are to work part time and attend Tabernacle Baptist College through correspondence. Many details have to be worked out on this. We are thinking that through this summer he might be working on a farm mowing grass and doing some haying. This is through a family we know that has a son that attends the same church as us.

Okay, I need to throw some chicken in a pot to boil and get going with school.....and while we will be coming to a officially, I do plan on reading lists and math drill sheets. I hope to put our nature guide to good use too. Ssssshhhhh, don't tell the children they will be learning though.

Have a great Tuesday in the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Susan,
Where are you? I keep checking this blog and nothing is updating. Are you OK?

Susan said...

Alice ,I am okay but very busy. Please check out the Facebook group I started called our Frugal Life and Kitchen. It is easier for me to post from there. Blessings!