Friday, August 29, 2008

Bulk Cooking Step 1

Well, the first thing in bulk cooking is buying the groceries. I have to tell you that I am totally zonked. I didn't get much sleep last night at nap yesterday. Yeah, that's not good. Okay, laugh if you will but only if you have license. To qualify for your license you have to be over 37 with 7 or more children and have embarked on shopping for a full month while nine months pregnant...with seventh or more child. Whether you have license or not, pray that I make it back safely and without having baby in the middle of Sam's Club. The whole idea of store employees helping to deliver a baby creeps me out.

I am so tired. I think I have blue eye shadow on one and and purple on the other. Right now I d0n't care. Stay tuned.


Cryssie said...

Yes Susan I would be very scared as well.. the though of a employee delivering my child.. no.. my husband is trained that He can delivery them and I still say NO....

Good Luck.. maybe just double check the make up. and deffinately Have a nap today

Cathy said...

I hope your shopping went well today...was thinking of you.
Love ya friend,

Anonymous said...

Your eyes are beautiful. Praying for you and your wee little one.
from Wykate

Ruth said...

I hope you made it through your bulk shopping at Sam's Club without any incidents. Try to get some rest. I hope you can get all the cooking you want finished before the baby arrives. I wish I was close enough to bring you a meal and hold that baby when it arrives.

Dana C. said...

Hope the shopping and the bulk cooking went well!!

Update when you can!!