Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Thank you for your encouragement on our shopping trip. We made it through very well. I am glad that it's over. If circumstances allow I do have to do a bit more shopping this weekend or so.
I am slowly loading the freezer with cooked food. I have four meals of taco meat and three meals of pizza sauce frozen. Today I hope to cook up huge pots of spaghetti sauce to freeze as well. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will be making a huge pot(s) of vegetable soup to freeze.
Then Wednesday I want to make up four casseroles of Chicken Divan. I can't recall what I was going to plan to do for Thursday! It'll come to me soon.

I didn't plan on us doing school today because James was supposed to be off. Well, he isn't afterall. So now I am trying to fill in our day with significant things to fill in "Daddy time". I am thinking that after chores that we can maybe do some tshirt painting and play a few games.

Have a wonderful week in the LORD!

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Ruth said...

I am glad to hear that you made it through your shopping trip well. Try to get some rest between all this cooking and homeschooling. I am sure you need it.