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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happenings This Week

(Assembly line lunch prep)

I cannot believe that this week is already coming to an end! We have had many blessings from God and yet many, many things to pray for. Then again, those blessings are occasion to pray as well in thanksgiving. No doubt, it's been busy and tiring....testing and one of careful treading. I think we have done as pleasing as we least in our eyes.

Tuesday I had my weekly OB appointment. Nothing had changed and it is indeed set in stone for us to have this baby on the 12Th. That is one week from today! We could actually be holding the next Watson exactly one week from now. Wow, it STILL hasn't hit me yet that we are actually having another baby! I'll bet it will a week from now. LOL

Some good news from that visit is that my favorite nurse talked with my OB to see if I was going to be induced. She wants to move her work schedule around to be there if she can! Wow, what fun! It would be like having my own personal team there to have this baby. What more could I ask for?

We are working on getting the final loan closing for the house. I am hoping for it to be before the baby comes. Sometimes banks are too particular in some issues and this seems to be the case. They are somewhat easy fixes but rather trivial. Time is running out as we are going into the hospital this coming Friday!

Good news is that we had our final inspection and we passed. The inspector was very nice and informative as to suggestions to make our home even more safe than as is. Oh happy day!

In the kitchen department things have been going ever so well. It's been slow but good. I have had a chance to freeze pizza and spaghetti sauce along with some seasoned taco beef and three meals of Chicken Divan. Here are pics below of this being put together.

School is coming along I still see some glitches on what needs to move ahead more steadily. Yet, I see many, many good things coming of our studies. I suppose I need to quit being so pushy and just get over the fact that I won't have everything to goal before we quit in four days. I do plan on us taking a break for about two weeks after baby comes.

I have written up a new schedule for our family of which includes the new baby. I am very excited about it and think it's the best one yet. Of course, there's always challenges once a new person is joining the group. I pray that the ride is as smooth as possible! If time allows, I will post the new schedule once I or errr.....Brittany has it typed up.

I think I am off now to soak some beans. It's part of the freezer plan, of which was to happen on Thursday. I wasn't in the mood then so better be now. Oh, and tomorrow I put together a huge batch of vegetable soup....was to be done on Tuesday but is also happening now as well. I want to get a few pans of cornbread ready for freezing as well. Won't it be nice to have pintos or vegetable soup ready to defrost and warm along with that cornbread? I am really liking this! We haven't yet began reaping the benefits but I am feeling the satisfaction of them already.

I am looking forward to coming up with new things to cook and freeze next month. That will be about 2 1/2 weeks after baby and maybe I'll be ready to give it a whirl once again.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


Cathy said...

What a cute picture of you. You are adorable and look so great pregnant.
I can't wait to hear about baby being born...thinking of you all and I love you all,

Dana said...

Susan, you are doing so well with getting meals ahead for when the baby comes!! I hope everything is smooth sailing for you!! I hope you or Brittany are able to post some pics of the new Watson when he or she arrives!!
Many Blessings to you!!