Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Friday!

Wow, how fast time can pass by. We've been super busy with our days as usual. It seemed that yesterday was the first normal day of the week. It felt good to have a normal day. I hope to have another today. Our days have included chores, school, church events, fair day, and of course play time.

Today I plan on hitting a few of the weekly sales. Chicken is on sale at two stores among a few other things. I am wanting to get out and do this before beginning our school day. I hope to have a full day of school. I am still mastering fitting the five oldest into a full school day. It seems that if I feel satisfied in one area, another area is left blank. If we could touch on everything that's needed for each child then I'd feel much more accomplished.

With the new addition we are still moving things around. It seems this is going to take a very, very long time. We are enjoying being spread out and are thinking of more new ways to utilize the space as best as possible. We rearranged the living room last night but I am not completely satisfied quite yet. I'll think of something.

Baby Gloria is doing very well! She's our newest little sweetheart. We enjoy seeing her beginning to focus on objects and paying attention to things more. She is beginning to stay awake for longer stretches of time and sleeping more at night. Praise God!

I will have to get Brittany to post some pics here soon. That is, whenever she has time. The girl stays busy with her high school studies, chores and misc. tasks. She's writing notes for a song that a lady wants to play on her guitar. Also she's trying to memorize her part to a church play that she's going to be in this December. She has the most speaking to do and thus the most memorizing. In addition to her Bible memory, she will be quite busy! She's a little anxious about the play and all the memorizing. I told her to do as best she can and maybe something will have to be cut if it's too much.

A few funnies the last few days:

Bethany came in exclaiming, " She butt head me!"
I just heard the butt head part and I immediately told her that we don't use such terms.
Brittany busted out laughing and explained that Bethany actually meant that she had been head butted. Oh, okay....

Samuel was looking at the sales ads and saw a Wii on sale. He said that it was a good price. But considering that you can only play it Monday and Tuesday wouldn't be worth it. The sale started "This Wii deal good for Monday and Tuesday Only". That child worries me. He says stuff like this a lot.

Okay so I am off and going. I am looking forward to the weekend! James is to be off and I am looking forward to being with him.

Have a great weekend in the Lord!


Denise- mominpa said...

Ahhh yes-- finding our new rhythm after a baby--

There are 3 of us that had babies near the same time and I think our blogs all have the same "theme" finding our rhythm--

Hoping our school week goes better next week too!!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

The other NEW mommy is:

I love reading her blog-- have read it for a WHILE now!!


Tereza said...

Congrats on the arrival of your new baby!!!

Ruth said...

Glad to hear things are going well and you are all enjoying your new little treasure.
Funny stories. I love to hear stories about funny things kids say.