Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday's Tidings!

Thank you all who have commented! I do like comments and knowing who comes to visit here. It's good to see friends through the screen since it's hard to meet in person!

We have been cheerfully busy with chores and school. I am, ever so slowly, moving things around...pulling out fall/winter apparel and putting thing away that are not needed presently. It is taking quite a while to finish putting things in place from moving half the house over. Besides we haven't even touched our bedroom with moving things over. I still have books and the computer desk to move out to the schoolroom. Also, we have the sewing stuff to move upstairs after we paint the trim. Then there's the job of moving clothing around due to waiting till we get the family closet finish. Baby steps here and there is getting progress done.

I am so very ready to be finished so that we can have some friends over. I want some company! I love having company with eating and talking....talking and eating....and talking some more! The only bummer thing is that we will be hosting in a mauve colored dining room. It will be quite a while until we can even begin working on that room. Well, at least for another month or two if that. But, as soon as I feel like it's at the point that it's tolerable to host some friends, we are having some over! I miss that.

I am loving the extra space here and the fact that there is a home for most everything. Yes, a home for toys, a home for clothes, a home for books and more homes in the making. Bit by bit we are finding homes for the homeless things in this place. Gotta' love it!

Today I took Brittany shopping as I completely forgot that she doesn't have a coat for this next season! Fortunately it didn't take much for find her one that she likes. While there she bought herself a purse as well. I picked up Bethany some tights and some eyeshadow for myself. We stopped by the post office on the way home. What was different was that I left the baby home with James! I had just nursed her and so James said to leave her home. I was back home in 52 minutes. Not that I don't trust my husband's capabilities in watching his own children....maybe it's just a mother's natural instinct to not leave her 6 week old child for long at all, period.

One time that I wouldn't mind leaving her with James is when I go to the Dr. on Friday for my final postpartum check. With Joy-Anna she screamed her head off while I was on the table having my final examination. That makes for a pleasant visit (facetious to the hilt)! My Dr. took it in stride and was fine with it all but it made me uneasy....as if those type of examinations don't make you uneasy enough! Ha!~

As said before, school is going well. More and more each day we find ways to get things fitted in. It's fun to teach and consult with the children on their subjects. We do have disappointments. But yet we have many joys in many ways to counteract those disappointments. We are learning to overcome when things don't go our way and to conquer and succeed. I am choosing to keep focused on my vision and having new game plans to achieve it.

In the kitchen, things are going somewhat smoothly. I do keep reminding myself to stay a step ahead of the game. So, I am constantly thinking of what to cook the next day or two. I am trying to cut down on waste as I hate throwing things out. So, I am keeping check of what's left over and making sure we use the leftovers before they go to the bad.

For lunch today I had made some mac and cheese along with barbecued hot dogs. The leftover mac and cheese went well with roasted chicken and leftover green beans from last night. The leftover chicken from tonight will be turned into chicken and dumplings tomorrow night. So we've been trying to conserve and enjoy the bounty!

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Dana said...

Its so nice to see you blogging!! You definately have that cheery sound to your voice again!!