Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Today is suppose to be another warm day of 78!I am loving this kind of fall weather. Tomorrow I planned on weeding the garden. It's suppose to be 68 tomorrow for the high. So I am debating on whether to switch days or not.

Yesterday was a very good day. This week has been productive and for that I am thankful.
I am hoping for the same in the days ahead as well. I am also praying for my tired muscles to not be so tired and sore. With so much on my plate, there's not time for such aches.

Here's what's on our plate for the day:

~ wash master bedroom curtains (not done yesterday, Mom)
~ kitchen maintenance (Brittany)
~ laundry, 3 loads (Mom)
~ windex house (not done yesterday, Mom)
~ swish toilets (Mom)
~ vacuum master bedroom
~ trash (Samuel)
~ load DW (Samuel)
~ unload DW (Bethany and Jesse)
~ playroom maintenance (Bethany and Jesse)
~ clean back and red bathrooms (Dalton)
~ LR maintenance (Mom- with delegating some to others)

Tomorrow will be mainly about weeding the garden, cleaning out the van and maybe even washing the van as well. I'll put the children to cleaning up the backyard some too. These are our plans and, Lord willing, they will come to pass.

I haven't been very good in diligence this week with watching my diet. I have been pretty hungry a lot. And when I was hungry I think I was eating out of stress. That's not a good thing!
My tummy has been feeling icky and bloated. So I was hesitant to get on the scales. To my surprise, though, I weighed 165! That's down a pound for a week ago and down 4 lbs. from two weeks ago. I do hope to do better this week though.

Have a great weekend!

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