Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today's Happenings and Present Thoughts

I am loving this fall weather here in SC! It's nice and mild with just a slight nip in the air- a bit here and there. Yes, I am liking it a lot here and there! We are keeping very busy with daily happenings and are still working, bit by bit, to put things into place. Doing any extras can be hard with the norm is enough to keep anyone busy. Here's today's list of activities:

~ wash master bedroom curtains (Mom, look out allergies! Where's the dust mask at?)
~ KP (Brittany and Mom)
~laundry, 3 loads (Brittany and Mom)
~Windex house (Mom)
~Swish toilets (Mom)
~Sweep house (Dalton)
~vacuum diningroom(Samuel)
~fold clothes from old washroom(Mom and Brittany)
~vacuum master bedroom (Mom)
~empty trash(Samuel)
~ keep playroom clean (Bethany and Jesse)
~load DW (Samuel)
~unload DW (Bethany)
~sweep back deck (Jesse)
~ School ( three oldest has 3 hours of bookwork, fourth child had 1 hour of one on one time with me, fifth child has coloring and crafts... learning through conversation and maybe a little phonics)
~ Take Joy-Anna to potty at least hourly if not more

It looks like more than it is. Once you write things down you realize how much you actually get done every day. And with having many hands, it makes work light!

Have a great day in the Lord.

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