Friday, December 19, 2008

Change of Plans....Good Week

Despite a change of plans, things are taking shape! While I had planned for us to have school through the rest of this week, I change my mind. Our nortorious mountain of laundry was taking over. I simply could not cook, teach and get the wash done. Besides, we have so many things to do to get things organized and moved over from the addition. I just cannot think straight with the house in such disarray. So throughout the holidays I am fervently working to get things straight. Then once the holidays are over we can peacefully accomplish school and learn in a more organized fashion. With a little help of having set routines I hope we can get school and chores done while having time for fun and fellowship together.

I am amazed at how long it's taking to get everything organized and moved. Never in my wildest dreams did I think things were so deeply packed in here. The stuff we had in under 1400 sq. feet is amazing! But to be able to spread and and purge things is very clearing to the mind, to say the least. Now to just finish! Then we can move on to stripping wallpaper and painting both the dining and school rooms.

I started using a point system simliar to weight watchers yesterday. Wow, that's also freeing! I am a lot more hungry, of course. But then again how can I expect to lose weight without being hungry? It's not an unbearable hunger and with this plan you can eat just about anything...but only so much of it. So it's doable with no matter how big or small your food budget is. While it's a great plan, it's gonna be tricky to be a good girl through the holidays.

James did not get the job that he applied for at the electric company. So now he's gonna look more earnestly at other jobs. With the economy and no one wanting to hire it's not going to be easy. At times I am so angry...angry at people making dumb mistakes with their finances, angry at the banks for allowing them to....angry at the government for allowing it as well....angry at business owners who shouldn't have the right to own a business due to lack of skills then turn around and ruin employee's and families' lives due to greed. Yes, green greed. It sickens me and makes me MAD. Only through the Lord's strength can I face these people and do so with some light. I must look to Jesus to keep peace in my heart. I must study and pray to keep the right focus. During this time, it's only Christ who can strengthen me. It's time like this that it takes a lot to walk in Spirit rather than flesh.

So here we are at the weekend! James is suppose to be on call tomorrow. I am hoping that he doesn't get any calls though. My plans are to continue working in the house and see what can be done in the garden. It's suppose to turn cold this coming week so taking advantage of the nice temps is key. Oh, and I need to fill out my Christmas cards....last minute, I know!

Ah, then there's next week. Whew weee! Monday a loving friend is taking me to lunch for my birthday! I am most excited to go off with her and have girl time. Isn't she the greatest?
Then Tuesday evening we are having mid week worship. Wednesday(Christmas Eve) we are heading to my grandmother's for dinner at 1:00. That night I think I'll fix finger foods. Side am I suppose to be a good girl with all that going on??? Anyway, on Christmas day we are going over to my parent's at 1:00. Then sometime within a week after all that James' cousin is to come from Mississippi. So they'll be over, I'm sure. I am so not used to a lot of outside activity. I think I had better plan this out! Just getting nine people dressed to go somewhere can be a big ordeal. Ha!

Have a great rest of the week in the Lord!~

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