Monday, December 15, 2008

During these days of our busy lives I seem to have a heavy heart a whole, whole lot. So many sad things that are going on in people's lives make me saddened. It makes me yearn for Jesus to come quickly. Please pray for those in need. So many times I feel my prayers can be selfish. There's so many to pray for. On my heart there's my Dad whose been jobless for many months now. There's a pastor's wife with colon cancer. She found this out on Thanksgiving Day. There's the wee baby that's in the hospital. He may not live and if he does, he may be brain damaged. It's suspected that someone shook him or something. Oh how my heart hurts. How I want to hold him as if then everything would be okay. So I hold my own, of about the same age, and am thankful she's safe and healthy. There are many who are widows for their first Christmas. There's many who have lost children. There's many who are in the hospital and with worry of loss of income and how to make bills. There's many who have lost homes and have no place of their own. There are many who know this is their last Christmas and some who are making memories for someone of their last Christmas.

So, there's those of us that whine because we are late for an event or are too busy or other nit-picky desires that won't mean squat a year from now, a week from now or an hour from now. God help us! Jesus, come quickly. Lord, help those in need and help our wretched, stinching hearts.


mominpa said...

I've been away for awhile--but wanted to check in on your blog and say-- Merry Christmas--

I really apprecaited this entry--makes me stop and think--and PRAY--for many needs that are present.

Rosemary said...

It is so true that there are so many hurting around us. How fortunate we all are for having our health, our family, and most importantly, our salvation. We do need to pray for those that we see that are hurt or hurting. Who knows, we might be the only person on this earth calling that person's name out to our Lord.