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Monday, December 1, 2008

Shall We Resume?

Happy December!

I really wanted to hop on here and catch up on our current happenings within the Watson Family. We were able to enjoy a long weekend with James. I am truly thankful for that!

Our Thanksgiving was fun and refreshing. I was able to contribute in the cooking department this year. I made broccoli casserole, hash brown casserole, green beans, and sweet potato casserole. Brittany made some brownies to go with. My mom baked the turkey, rolls and dressing and supplied more desserts. My mom and I both had gravy.

After feasting and visiting at my parent's we went on a pleasant drive along the lake. James showed me some houses that he had serviced and we admired some of the nice homes and scenery along the way. It was nice, with gas prices down, to get out and about for a change!

The better part of the weekend was spent cleaning out our bedroom, ripping up old nasty carpet and replacing with new flooring! We had some laminate left over from the additon of which we utilized in there. Oh mercy, my dust allergies are dramatically improved! While cleaning out the room we found a slew of old pictures and spent what seemed like hours looking at them. Now, on my to do list is to find some time to organize and put these pics in albums. I would say to scrapbook them but, hey, I am not going to fool myself. I'll wait till at least I have no littles and have more of a leasurely stroll in life versus a jog/run through our dailies.

With the bedroom cleaned out to replace the flooring, the mess was emptied into the livingroom. I made a declaration that the mess would not budge till it had a home. I am determined to keep "our" room tidy. I am thrilled to have a bedroom. For years and years it was a place for book storage, computer desk, exercise stuff, children's clothes added with ours and so much more. It was a drab dungeon of which was most discouraging. Now, we have the bed, crib, night stand, rocker and will have the dresser later. I am debating on keeping the rocker in there but for now I like using it where it is. Anyway, all this to say that I need to clear the livingroom! It's driving me very batty.

We enjoyed our break from school but as of this afternoon we will be back at it again. I am feeling a sense of satisfaction in this department. Brittany's finally cruising along at a more progressive state. Dalton is full speed ahead and may very well be done with a few of his subjects very early. Oh well, he loves to read and gain knowledge naturally so don't doubt the he won't keep learning. I am also looking into opportunities for him to gain a new hobby.....maybe soap/woodcarving and such like his dad.

In the weight loss department, I am back down two pounds to 165. I am rather surprised as I haven't paid too awfully much to what I have been eating. I even had a few "carb-fests" at times. It must have been the walking that I have started again. I am hoping to continue the pattern of losing. I am thinking on using an exchange diet...and what better time as it's time for grocery shopping once again.

Christmas season is here in full swing, it seems. The children are excited to see Christmas lights and such so I am sure we'll put that on the agenda as well. We don't really follow normal traditional ways of Christmas as most do. So we are once again the oddballs of society. While we do worship our Saviour and celebrate His birth, we do it out of want and not because we feel it's mandated. I just recently read the term "Christmas Christians". We celebrate His birth as much in July as at this time of year...maybe even more. It's not unusual for us to break out singing "Oh Holy Night" while sweating it outside in the summer. But, we enjoy worshipping Christ with others on all occasions. He is truly worthy of all worship and all praise. I don't want us being "Christmas Christians" or "Sunday Christians" but all the time Christians. Aren't we saved all the time? YES! Hallelujah, YES WE ARE! Glory!

Have a great week in the Lord!


JenIG said...

hoooray for new flooring! we *really* need to pull out all of our nasty carpets, but it will probably be a while.
: )

Jennie said...

Glad to hear that carpet removal is improving the allergies. I think we need to consider that. Blessings,