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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Icky Sickies, Diets and a Job

This week is flying by as most weeks do. It's been one of those odd weeks to me. My Pastor's wife wasn't at church last night and that makes it very, very sad. I missed her very much. It's aways weird not to have people there that you're used to. She's sick but hopefully feeling much better today. I need to call to see and talk a bit...if she's feeling better that is!

Speaking of being sick, the ugly cold virus has invaded our house. Little Gloria now is engulfed with it. I am hoping that it clears up very soon. So far, I have steered clear of it but am expecting to feel icky at any day now. My main goals are to get over the "ickies" quickly and without any hospital visits. Oh, and for Dalton's asthma to not be an issue. Non-issue asthma is our plan.

We got the bulk of our grocery shopping done yesterday. Wow, what a doozy of a trip. Well, most of the time they all are! I bought food to help in my diet plan. I have to say, I. AM. HUNGRY.
I am hoping that I get used to this starvation diet. Well, that's what it feels like anyway. Ha!

Our DSL had been out for a week or so. James calls to see if he could get technical support over the phone and they said they'd have to call him back. Well, today during quiet time a phone serviceman comes a'knockin' at my door. So in all of my house's glory Mr. Repairman comes in and switches two wires and it's fixed. I am a little unnerved as we just wanted free over the phone technical support and no serviceman coming here to charge us a big fat fee. What's even worse is that James' cell phone is here and I couldn't call him to let him know what's going on.
I miss talking to him very much.

I don't know if I have posted this on my blog but I have a prayer request for you guys that can really get a hold of God. James is looking for another job. At first he was asked to find another one due to work being slow. Then the following day one of the employers told him not to worry as things weren't so bad afterall.... the main employer wants him to. James has applied for a job with the local electric company and this could really be a great opportunity for him. They said that they'd call or send a letter letting him know either way. We haven't heard anything yet. Since applying for this job, James' current job has had less than desired work conditions. Due to many conflicts of interest with possible readers on here, I cannot elaborate further. I would really like to cry my eyes out, spill the beans and write a novel but cannot. So please pray that James finds another job that has good benefits and feeds our family...oh and, hey, even more pay is fine as well. If this one place he applied at isn't right, pray that he finds the right place. We are ready for him to move on!


Jennie said...

No sick momma prayers coming your way. We have had some germs, too.

Cathy said...

I am praying on the job for James.
I enjoy your blog so much and the way you share your heart.
Sending healing thoughts to your sick ones.
Love you my friend,