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Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Monday Morn'!

Wow, it's been quite chilly here the past week or so. Where's spring? Hurry, spring! Beckon my call! This cold weather is a tad bad for the joints and it's hard to get the blood flowing in such frigid temps. Eerrrrr, are the temps sympolic to our new presidency? Eeggaaaa, I hope not. God help us all. I told Brittany that this is the last day of President Bush's being our President. I just want to relish in the moment.

While he was in office, we were able to visit Washington D.C. twice. Oh the memories! Things won't seem quite the same if we have a chance to visit once again.

This week holds quite a few events. Tonight we are going to a "Voice of the Unborn" meeting at our church. I always look forward to Brother Johnny Gardner's mailings and what he has to say. He is a character but I feel the Lord's hand upon him. Hey, come to think of it, John the Baptist was an "odd" character too. But, he got the job done.

Tomorrow is Bethany's birthday! My sweet Bethie Monkey......she's been counting down the days until she turns 5! What a special day for a very special girl.

Also, tomorrow Bethany is going to the dentist. I hope that will be a good thing for her. I am not sure if she's aware that she goes. I must tell all so she won't be bothered.

Then of course the rest of the week is filled with church, school, cleaning, cooking character issue problems and so much more. The temps are suppose to be on the rise toward the end of the week and I am looking forward to getting out and breathing some warmer breezes!

I will be continuing and character study that I began not too long ago. In my own Bible studies I am making an alphabetized list of who's who in the Bible. It's helped me to learn quite a bit so far.

Okay, so I must run and get ready to lead these sheep in their duties. There's much to do and some who need a boost in that direction.

Blessings to you in this week ahead!


JenIG said...

Ahhhh, Happy Early Birthday to your Monkey Girl
: )

Ruth said...

I have watched the inauguration today. It is a historical day but it brings mixed emotions.

HsKubes said...

Happy Birthday to Bethany.
They grow so fast!
Hope her appointment went well.
I took our Beth on Tuesday, too.

I hope you are enjoying your week.
~ Christina