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Monday, January 19, 2009

Lunch Time...mac n' cheese

I thought I'd share pics of one of my children's favorite lunchtime meals.....mac n' cheese. It's so easy to fix, no need for the expensive box meals.

First, melt some margarine in your pot while boiling some elbow pasta in another pot. Once margarine is melted, add some flour and mix together. Allow this to brown for just a wee bit.

Next add in some milk. Now you have a basic "white sauce".

Aaahhh, pasta's done! Oops, I forgot to add salt to the pasta water. Oh well, it's hard to think of everything.
Now throw in some cheddar cheese. The sharper- the better but in this case we just had mild. We'll fix that in just a second. Okay?

Stir cheese in very well. Oh yeah, add some salt and pepper.
Now, don't spaz out on me, okay? Put in about a tablespoon of mustard. If you have dry mustard, then great. If not then just use some prepared. This will give a little punch to your mac and cheese and will give it a sharp flavor that's desired in cheese. It's good...really! Just try it!

Keep stirring until your sauce is smooth and thickened to a good consistancy.

Now add in your cooked pasta.

Stir well.
It's time to eat!~ Ahem, well for the children....I reckon I'll have salad. I did have a little taste though. For the adult palate, add some hot sauce at the table.


Ruth said...

This looks very yummy.
Thank you for sharing.

HsKubes said...

Mustard, hmmm!
It sure looks yummy!

Karrie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I tried it and loved it! Yummo!!! I only had Monterey Jack cheese and so I used the mustard idea and I really liked it! Thanks for the quick and easy recipe!

Nancy said...

I make it with a little milk, a little butter, and about a two inch chunk of Velveeta. I will try your way though. It sounds easy and good.