Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

I am trusting that everyone is having a great Monday! We have had the touch and go tummy bug but should be all over it now. Ugh.... what a mess! Anyhow so the latest episode was, after thinking we were way out of the woods of this weird bug. But while at church, getting ready for Sunday school this is what happens. I was behind in the crowd of getting to the Sunday School class that I teach. As I was making my way along, here comes a girl, "Ms. Susan, Bethany threw up in class!". "uuummm, okay I am coming". I was trying to hurry while carrying the car seat with Gloria. Then about three other girls came running each taking their turn in telling me of Bethany's being sick. Poor girl. She was in the middle of the floor, bent over, heaving away. All this while hearing some wise guys in the boys' class making mock puking noises. Thanks guys! That makes us feel all the better. All I could do was tell my oldest girl, who had made her way in there too, to grab the trash can. I ordered the other children out as I didn't want these germs passed to others...after clean up we went over the the prophet's chambers/ Pastor's study until SS and church was over. Chock that up for a top ten unforgettable moment....yeah, on up there with Dalton pulling the fire alarm during homeschool co-op and Jesse peeing in the dentist chair.

All that to say that as soon as we left the building she was saying, "I am feeling better now. Can we go back?". I say, "UMM, NO WAY.". She says, "oh but please, Mama, I am all better now, I don't want to miss Sunday School!". So we didn't even go back last night either just to make super sure that we didn't pass any germs.

So I have been in laundry land with about a dozen front loader loads done over the weekend. Boy, am. I. glad. that's. over!

So things are about back to normal with the usual chores, school, fun and games. Yes, the Watson household still humms. Life goes on and I gain yet another gray hair. Yeah, this is to balance out the deeper lines in my face. I have earned them all.

Anyway, so I know I haven't added the newest menu. That's next on here but didn't want you to think that menu making is all I do around here. Huh, far from it!

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Rosemary said...

Glad to hear that the ugly tummy bug is gone-hopefully for good! Last year I had my four kids and my two nieces sick -all at the same time. I will never, ever, forget that day for as long as I live. Only we "mommies" can look back on something like that and smile.