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Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Time!


eggs and grits


hot dogs and fries
chili mac
egg salad sandwiches
pb and j
tacos and corn



rosemary pork loin, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, salad

salmon patties and grits, green beans, coleslaw

shake and bake chicken, greens and salad

chicken bog, salad

crockpot roast and gravy,potatoes,carrots,celery and rice

roast soup

All of this is in no particular order.


Anonymous said...

I love chicken bog!!! Is your easy?


Susan said...

So good to see you here! Yes, it's very easy. I just boil some chicken, save the broth and shredd/debone chicken. Throw some rice into the boiling broth. Slice some smoked sausage and add once rice is cooked. Sometimes I add a cream of soup to add flavor. If not then I just salt and pepper. Oh, I have cooked with a bay leaf before and it gives good flavor. We eat ours with hot sauce at the table.

Is this how you fix yours?


Anonymous said...

I'm always reading :-) Your one of my favorites!

I've been looking for my recipe. I can't seem to find it.It was not at easy as your. It's not something I make often. I love the ease of a complete meal with meat, rice and great flavors! I'll give yours a try. It looks easier.

Is bog a southern dish? I'm from Washington State. Nobody I know makes it. I saw it on a show or something and thought it sounded good. I do have a bit of southern blood but my grandma only liked a few things. Beans and cornbread, fried Chicken, homemade bread, and buttermilk bisc. Any meat and potato dish. Eggs fried in bacon grease...they all lived into their 80's too lol.

JenIG said...

salmon... yummmmmmmmmmm