Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's good to finally be able to get back here in "blogworld". We have been very busy with a lot of school, chores and fun. I started a new schedule last week and it's aweswome. Even the children appreciate it. While I haven't been as faithful as I should be to sticking with it; I try the same as dieting to pick up and start again. Keep on, keeping on is key.

We are to have some super busy days for the rest of the week. For starters, today is our Jesse's 7th birthday. He's such a snaggle-toothed cutie. He's now waiting patiently for me to get off here and get dressed in order for him to go get his presents. Yes, he's gonna pick out his own. We are so bad. Anyway, that's how he'll get exactly what he wants. We don't want him surprised with stuff he doesn't want.
This year the weather is warmer than it was when he was born. When we took Jesse home the day after he was born, it was the coldest day of the year and it was bitter cold. Thankfully this year he can enjoy his day playing some outside.

Tomorrow we are going for our big monthly grocery shop. This is gonna be fun but very tiring. We are meeting friends at Sam's; so they can partake in our chaotic joy of grocery purchasing. Then after Sam's we are going to Aldi. I think we have about 2-3 buggies full to get there. I don't want to think about putting this stuff away.
Stay "tuned" for the big menu. I would go ahead and type it out but I know it'll be tweaked by the time our shopping is done. I will say that our budget goal for the month is $500. That's for all food and non-food, but not including the lunch ate at Sam's tomorrow.

I hope to take advantage of Kmart's double coupon sale this week. I am hoping to buy Goodnites and pullups there, along with our toilet paper and paper towels. Then hopefully for the rest of the month we'll just have to buy perishable such as fruit, milk, etc.

What's that? You want me to post my grocery lists and purchasing totals for the month? Okay!

Along the same lines, I was doing some research online for ways to save money with groceries. Wowser. I came upon a site that was labeled Poly-----. I didn't know what Poly---- meant. So while reading along on how to save said money I notice that this person has more than one husband. I'm sorry, but that is nasty. So I figured out what that meant quite quickly. Yeah, they're feeding a lot of people alright.

In otherly news, we are going to be sewing to our hearts content and then probably discontent these next few months. I have enough material here to sew 8 dresses, 3 tshirt dresses, pentafores and a bunch of bloomers. First we have to set up our sewing station and get a system established. I say, "we" because my dear Brittany is going to help me. She promised. I am tired of trying to find nice dresses for the little girls that meet our standards. So we are sewing them.

Each days holds to being a bit warmer and longer. It's getting me excited about having a big garden this year. This will come in handy in supplying us with some vittles as well.

So, I'll go and get ready to take my sweet son to get his presents. I may be partial but I think he's one of the cutest little fellows. If that ticket could purchase his way through life, he'd be a millionaire.

Have a great rest of the week in the Lord.

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Wykate said...

I saw some t-shirt dresses on this blog (Mom frequented the family homestead before Baby arrived)