Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stay Out of the Stores!

I did another shopping trip. This trip was part in buying our fresh produce, part in buying meat that was on sale(to be used next month)and part because we found some low weight watchers points ice cream on clearance. :D

First stop was the produce stand. I cannot sing the praises of this place enough. I began shopping there last summer after not doing so for many years. I am so glad that I started back! The picture above in some of the goodies I bought. Here's a list of what I got:

3 heads of cabbage
1 head of lettuce
1 stalk of lettuce
1 lime
1 lemon
1 bunch of cilantro
2-3 cucumbers
6 or so tomatoes

all of this for $23.66!!!!

Then off to IGA for some meat sales. And I was blessed to find eggs on sale. That was one of the the remaining things needed to complete this months stock for meals.

4 dozen eggs
1 pack pork loin chops
3 big packs ground chuck

all of this for $36.96!!!!

Then the trip to the grocery store after church wasn't so good. Well, it was tummy-wise but maybe not budget-wise. LOL

a bunch of baby food
Knorr vegetable soup mix (for spinach dip to make for our monthly church social)
calorie free margarine spray
2 packs Sargento shredded cheese (after coupons these were just .75 each!)
7 packs of ice cream bars, 'cicles, etc.

all of this for $25.03!!!! I blame the ice cream on hubby. We like looking for clearance tags and well...he found them alright!

Total spent for the month: $485.65

I am projecting just having to buy a few more vegetables and a container of sour cream to finish out the month. The eight gallons of milk that I bought isn't being consumed as quickly as I thought so I am going to freeze a few gallons for later in the month. It's sort of like the Israelites in the wilderness with their clothes and shoes lasting... blessings are flowing in the food supply lasting.

One last tip that I need to heed to; in order to saving money...stay out of the store!

Have a wonderful day!

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