Monday, March 9, 2009

This week is beginning to take shape. After another busy weekend, of which included getting started on sewing spring and summer dresses and the house going to the bad, it was time to get some tidying done today. I cannot think in big messes and big messes put me into a foul mood. So the messes were put under control, at least to a certain level of which I could function in. Between all this, feeling slightly unlike myself in a lathargic state and talking to my mom for over two hours, then cooking three full meals, planning a trip..... whew the day was consumed in a flash.

So here we are and the children are in bed. Besides the hum of the dishwasher and James' sutle breathing while sleeping on the couch, I just hear the tappity-tap-tap of the keyboard while typing. Aaahhhh silence is nice if just for a little while. I enjoy the laughter, giggles, talking, pitter patter of feet but then at the end of the day there's the satifaction of them all being safe and snug in their bed.

So while the world slows a bit I battle the decision of either working out on the Wii or sitting here and browsing my favorite blogs. Hmmmmm, considering that my dieting has been close to nil and that I have gained back three pounds you'd think that the decision should be obvious. Yet, getting off the recliner seems so complicated at almost 11:00PM.

Even if tonight I don't get to surf my favorite blogs, maybe you'd have the time to visit some of my favorite places. Each of these places mean a lot to me for different reasons. Would you like to visit any of them? Each of these are on my sidebar.

HSKUBES: I love this place! I like to think (shall I call it self flattery???) that this lady and myself have a lot in common. For one, she has a sweet teen girl, much like my sweet teen girl and they are also friends. Christina strives, like myself, to keep a schedule and balance all of the important dailies such as school, chores and disciplship. Oh, and the woman sews most of her and her girls' clothing. I am spazing out just thinking of all the sewing I must do and she does it with seeming ease.

BakersDozen: This lady is great with the camera. Yes, it's true but the main reason that I love her blog is because the way she loves and teaches her children. It's people like her that keeps me inspired to keep things in perspective. She takes time out to focus on each child as an individual and is amazing at teaching her children through Montesouri. She also occasionally touches practical matter. I like practical. This woman has a lot of children, close together and still functions magnificently!

Tammy's Recipes: She's another lady that's good with the camera. I think I like her blog so well because she's a foodie, like myself.

Lockwood Family: Jaynee is a sweet sister in Christ. We haven't met but like some of the others, we are sisters as we have the same Father. Pray for her and her baby boy that's to come soon. Visit her blog for details.

Large Family Mothering: This lady always puts things into perspective for me. Whenever I second guess myself in certain decisions and whether it's best, first go to the Lord and His Word and then usually I'll visit this lady to have her remind me that I'm not so crazy afterall. Ha!

JenIg: I always call her that. It's funny as I will be talking to someone and they think that I am talking of someone I know IRL that is actually called Jenig. Umm, no, her name is Jennifer...or is it spelled Jenifer? Ummm I dunno but what I do know is that I love this gal! She has the coolest family too. I hope to meet her IRL one day. Oh and her oldest daughter is the bomb. I am training my Brittany to be a Coie. You've gotta love Coie, cause she loves the Lord. Oh, sorry, this is about Jen. Jen is a great person to look for when you want to learn a lesson on praising God in the good, bad and ugly. And then praising God in the great times too! She has been through so much...some I have guessed at and some she reveals. But she shows faithfulness and for that I am thankful.



JenIG said...

ok... i can't just lurk on this one without leaving a comment. wow! you sure made my day. And I sure hope to meet *you* someday in person, too.

ps jaynee lockwood is my hero. I love that lady, too

pps it's spelled : Jenefer my parents were weird

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Hope all is well- we are missing you on The Homestead today!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

You've been in my thoughts a lot lately. I've learned over the years that the Holy Spirit puts someone on my mind for a reason so you've been in my prayers even more so lately! I hope everyone is well and happy. I've really enjoyed popping in and seeing what everyone is up to. Boy the kiddos are just growing by leaps and bounds. You are truly blessed! Take care and we'll be lurking! :0)


HsKubes said...

Aw, Susan, you're so sweet!
You're right, we DO have a lot in common. How nice it would be if we weren't so far away from each other!

I sure hope your week went well.
I'd love to see the dresses when you're finished!

Your friend ~