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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Here and a Little There

I always get a rush whenever we save money! There's so many ways that we are so rock bottom frugal that I don't even share everything due to others thinking I am over the edge. Well, ummm, I guess I am over the edge but it doesn't mean that I am going to reveal all! KWIM? I mean, there's some things that I couldn't do if I tried, unless I had to. And I mean I'd HAVE to in order to do it. I don't mind one bit spending money on maxi pads. I wig out just thinking of having to wash homemade ones.

For the most part we do everything frugally and I am thankful to use James' hard earned money in a way that honors him. Oh dear, now don't start that just because I referred to it as "his money". It is our money but I like to think of it as his. I mean, come on, I get to spend, manage and save someone else's money. That's pretty cool!

One big way we save is with home haircuts. With four males in the house we save about $50 on them alone by my cutting their hair. And hey, I don't think I do too bad either. Then we girls do our own too. We have long hair and it seems that lately my hair has been very "blah". So I had this moment of temporary insanity and googled on how to layer hair. Brittany and I decided to try it and it worked! Yay! So we did each others cuts and are thrilled with the results, let alone the money saved. With one simple trick we were able to layer hair and get professional results.

James is having to work on our tiller to get it running in proper order. So we still haven't planted our garden yet. I feel behind but we really aren't. There's plenty of time still yet to get it going. This is always a fun time of the gardening year. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll have all our goodies in the ground.

We also planted a flower bed and many flower seeds. I am excited to see things grow!
Planting things from seed is another way to save much money.

Brittany and I have been working on the little girls dresses. Brittany will soon be done with sewing her very first dress. She's sewn simple jumpers and skirts and so I am happy that she is taking on this task. She's doing a great job!

We need to be done with a lot of this sewing by this coming week. We are going to a yearly camp meeting then! I am thankful that James was able to take off for this time. This is a sort of refuge for our family and we look forward to it every year. The hosts of this camp meeting truly do go out of their way in hospitality.

School is going very well. We still hope to be done the first part of June. I am debating on whether to continue phonics with Bethany and Jesse this coming summer.From experience I have seen that a long break in the midst of phonics causes much regression. Nothing is more discouraging than having to backtrack! Phonics and Brittany's math will possibly continue throughout the summer and we'll begin school in full swing in late August.

Thinking of lessons I have learned, such as preventing regression. I think of the many, many things to be learned from those that have been there and have experience. I never want to take that for granted. And especially to those of whom I respect, I want them to know that I am listening and many times will heed their advice. Nothing is more hurtful than to tell someone of who you think trusts you what you think is good and to give fair warning...then for them to brush it off as nothing and make such life altering, irreversable decisions. This is very hurtful. I pray never to do that and to listen, respect and learn!

Okay, so I'll close for now. I pray that you all have a very wonderful week in the Lord's goodness!


Anonymous said...

I too get a thrill from saving money. It's like a sport for me :-)
I have been cutting the hair for our family for years. My mom did it for a living when she was young. I have learned some tips from her.
My 10th grader has had a slow going year with her work load. We will be doing her school until the end of August too. Her work is so hard that it means I will be doing school until August too. :-)
I think it is wise to keep the phonic work going all summer. I don't think you'd be sorry one bit for it. We always read and do math all year.
I love your heart for your husband and the stewardship you strive to honor the Lord and your beloved with. Keep up the (hard at times) and good work.

Cathy said...

What a GREAT post Susan. I also feel like I am frugal to the extreme. Love reading that you are too.
What an honor you are to James to spend his money so wisely.
Love you my friend,

Tennille said...

From one cost saving nut to another----you're great! I am always in the market for new ways to save money. I wish I had someone to teach me how to use a sewing machine!