Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just just love this season of the year! And we've been so blessed with a lot of rain and spring-like temps. We enjoyed a weekend of more gardening.... and not much housework. Ha! And so I had to catch up on that today. Hopefully we'll be on course tomorrow again. Oh yeah, I was talking about gardening. Here's a story.

Three Mile Neighbor pulls up in our yard with his wife. He comes to chat about our garden.

Three Mile Neighbor: What in the world are you doing to make those squash grow? We have tried and tried to get ours to do that and ain't narry a bit o' luck!

James: Well, ummm...we plant the seed, they sprout out and we water them well.

Three Mile Neighbor: (sheepishly) Oh, I see.

Our garden is looking swell. The Lord has blessed. I said that I wanted a lot of squash and, well, be careful for what you ask for. James planted over 60 squash plants! Then besides that we have 18 tomato plants, 300 feet of string beans, many cucumber, watermelon, cantelope, pepper and corn plants. I thinks I'll be busy for a'while. Oh, and we are extending the garden to include okra and lettuce. In the herb garden I am adding fennel and basil. I am enjoying all of this dirt work. I am thankful to have a chance to put this food away to supply our needs.

We should be getting in our chicks here very soon. We were due to get them in April but there appears to be an abundant interest in chickens all of a sudden, due to the recession. So hopefully this coming fall we will have a lot of eggs as well!

We are down to eight days of official schooling... Well, Dalton is completely done and more for the year. Brittany is taking her final tests and hopefully she will be done by the end of next week. Then with Samuel, Jesse and Bethany, I will continue with light schooling throughout the summer. Lord willing, we'll start a new year the middle of August.


Denise said...

WOW!! That garden is awesome!!

We only planted potatoes, onions and lettuce so far, but since we are now moving July 10th I'm glad... it will be a Farmers Market year for me....

Way to go!!!!

Done with school-- I may have to try that one year when I'm not expecting in September and wanting a month or so off!! ;)

Enjoy your summer!

Dana said...

Your garden looks great Susan!!

We just got ours in this past weekend!!

Rosemary said...

Beautiful garden! You are going to have squash coming out of your ears! (But that's a good thing!)

We got most of our garden in last Saturday. I've got the gardening bug now and I can't stop myself from thinking about all of the other things I want to plant too.

We aren't going to be able to finish up school until the end of June since we started a little late but at least the days are counting down!

Winona said...

Susan, your garden looks fabulous. We just finished planting ours this past weekend. The hardy stuff looks good, though. I hope you have lots of veggies to can and freeze this year. Have a good day. Winona

Ruth said...

Wow~your garden looks great. I love it. I have our garden all planted but the weather is cool here and it's not as big as yours yet.

We have finished with school and are thrilled for the break.