Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boring Food and Food Budget Thinking

Fair Warning: If you bore easily with food or budget talk, then please skip over this post. And anyway, why are you reading this thing anyway if you don't like that kind of thing? Isn't that what 60% or so of this blog is about?

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am a foodie. I love to try new foods and get a rush when I find something good. I mean when I find something REALLY good. You know, not just pretty good but slap your mama good. When I find a new ingredient we like I fly with it as far as it'll take us. That is, if it's within budget.

That brings me to another subject that I work with very, very often. With a large family, economy woes and a job that actually likes to lessen pay instead increasing pay.... well, a LOT can be said. A WHOLE LOT. Despite unpleasant circumstances in life I have learned two things. Well, more than that but two I'll discuss.

One being that even when you don't feel like praying for something because you are tired of praying for something because something isn't being answered, then keep praying anyway. The enemy would LOVE for you to quit praying and for others to quit praying. So just don't let that happen.

And then the other thing is as you pray, remember how to survive. Keep reading, keep learning and keep applying. Work your hands, work your mind and work your back till it hurts. That's survival, when you work from can to can't each day and then push it a little more. I am amazed a lot of times at others' lifestyles, both when it comes to leisure and when it comes to wastefulness in money. With being leisurely, it's cool to be leisure sometimes but ALL the time? Have you ever met someone that never moves fast? That irritates me so MUCH. I feel like lighting a fire to their backsides and make them move like foxes with tails on fires. This all comes back to survival. If they had to work, and I mean really WORK in order to survive, could they?
And for the ones who have money or even think they have money and waste it, why do they do that? It irritates me as bad as laziness. No wonder our government is in such a mess, and society is in such a mess, and the church is in such a mess.

Good gracious, I really should have split this post into two...or three different posts. I post usually only once a week so bear with me! LOL

Okay, I will leave the food talk for another post...maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow but very soon! I wanted to share a few things that's working for our family.

Have a great evening in the Lord!

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Cryssie said...

ooooooooops.. well That train of thought went on another track.. But Susan what you say is infact very very true.. so much of the world is in a mess cause people insist on living above their means.. If you don't have the money for it.. DON'T BUY IT.. right .. well I wish some others would get the same idea.. maybe our governments for one..